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Month: September 2013

Rise ‘N Shine 5K Recap 9-27-13

Today was the 20th Annual Rise ‘N Shine 5K, a race that I really love, even though I hate that damn hill at the end. What a perfect day for […]

Things Happen For A Reason

Isn’t life funny how things work sometimes. Yesterday, I got an email from a Brand, one that I really like a lot and now use daily. The email let me know that I […]

H.I.T Monday — RunLog 9/16/13

I look forward and at the same time dread Monday mornings – a little, but not really, well yes I do. Are you confused again Harold? Probably! Mondays are one […]

Run Towards Waterville RunLog 9-14-13

Last night I was pissing and moaning about having to run on the treadmill yesterday afternoon, instead of running into my wife’s work, because of the weather. I guess my […]

Has It Been Only A Month

I can’t believe it has only been a month since I created A Runnah’s Story back on August 14th and I just want to take a quick look at how the move […]

Rain Rain Go Away – RunLog 9-13-13

The rains continue and continue and continue, not like they are in Colorado, but bad enough that I have to pump out the garden – yet again. So I decided […]

Longest Run in a While — RunLog 9-11-13

I purposely didn’t write a RunLog post yesterday, I just felt that writing about something as insignificant my running on 9-11 was appropriate – just my personal choice. Yes, I know and […]

A Surprise Day-Off RunLog 9-10-13

Today turned into a day off. Not scheduled and not because of any injuries – let’s backup I had planned on a very easy 5.0 miler, but first I had […]

Crazy Runner Indeed–RunLog 9-9-13

I had a big time crunch this morning, the cat puked up breakfast, just before I left for the gym, which meant that I left the house about 15 minutes […]

What I Learned This Week — 9/8/13

Things are slowing down – a lot! Which is what I want. I am focusing on my physical therapy, doing a lot of running, starting to get work done around […]