Running Longer and Slower – RunLog 9-30-13

Considering how my Achilles felt this weekend, I decided to run long and slow, instead of my usual interval that I do on Monday’s. It is a little out of my routine, but I am trying to listen to my body and do what it will let me do, instead of what I want to do or what is part of some plan.

The morning was foggy and overcast at the start and 52F at Fred’s Coffee when I drove by. It cleared as I ran and by the time I finished it was clear and sunshine and 59F the best part was very little wind. So the conditions were pretty much perfect for running.

I ran the same course as last Wednesday only in the reverse direction. It was a little more downhill at the start and more uphill until the last mile. Continue reading “Running Longer and Slower – RunLog 9-30-13”

What I Learned This Week — 9/29/13

This week was a blur!

This past week was a cut-back week, where I wanted to be right around 30 miles total – 29.16 miles for the week was close enough.

I have done speed work, long runs and I felt like it was at about 80% healed. Since I am not a “star” athlete and based on the progress I have made, I just couldn’t justify continuing PT any further. So Monday was my LAST physical therapy session (hopefully for a while) and I have to go without adult supervision, which when I said that to the PT, it made her laugh. The Achilles was feeling really good  when I left on Monday,

This week was also my first race since August 4th and is one of my favorite races in the area – the Rise ‘N Shine 5K in Augusta. I was very happy with how well I ran and even though I really had to be conservative because my Achilles tightened up after the first mile and began to hurt more when I attempted to push for a faster speed. Still I finished in 21:53 and 2nd in my Age Group.

Now the bad part of the race. Continue reading “What I Learned This Week — 9/29/13”

Rise ‘N Shine 5K Recap 9-27-13

Today was the 20th Annual Rise ‘N Shine 5K, a race that I really love, even though I hate that damn hill at the end.

What a perfect day for a race! 50’s very little wind, a little overcast.

My plan was to run, not race today, so I didn’t wear my Garmin and wore my new Skechers GoRun Ride, instead of my racing flats (Ekidons) or even the GR2’s, that way, I wouldn’t be so tempted to go faster than I should. Wearing racing flats is a psychological cue to me that i am supposed to push through the discomfort/pain and go as fast as I can.

That is not what I wanted to do today.

I had three goals for this race:

  1. Don’t be stupid and re-injure my Achilles
  2. A Goal – Sub 22:00
  3. B Goal – Sub 23:00 Continue reading “Rise ‘N Shine 5K Recap 9-27-13”

First Run in New Skechers – A 10 Miler

You know something, I can honestly say that I felt a lot better after taking Sunday and Tuesday off! Believe it or not, I listened to my body, instead of just beating on it some more yesterday, but I felt good today, so I decided to try for 5-8 miles, depending upon how my legs felt.

Today was also my first run in my new Skechers GoRun Ride2 Orange and Gray shoes that I bought at Famous Footwear on Monday.

First Run in GRR2's OG's
First Run in GRR2’s OG’s

Continue reading “First Run in New Skechers – A 10 Miler”

Competitive or Not – Does It Really Matter

I have read a lot about the shit-storm (controversy) in the blogosphere that has gone on over an article published in the Wall Street Journal – The Slowest Generation and thought I would throw my old-guy hat in the ring. I have worked on this post for 3-4 days, trying to figure out how say what I want to say without sounding too much like a pompous ass or a holier than thou-old fart.

Elite running problems and the slowing times of recreational running are in my opinion completely different issues and lumping them into the same article unnecessarily dilutes the focus of the article. Continue reading “Competitive or Not – Does It Really Matter”

Skechers GoRun Ride2 – Made it Past 200 Miles

Skechers GoRun Ride 2
Skechers GoRun Ride 2

I just went over 200 miles of running on my Skecher GoRun Ride2’s (that I got for my birthday back in early August) and at least another 125 (probably a lot more) miles of walking in them.

Over the past 7 weeks I have used them for a 9+ mile long run (I am slowly increasing my long runs after a partial tear of my Achilles back on 5/27), several 8.0 mile runs, 40 plus mile weeks, speed work on the treadmill (down to sub 6:00 minute pace at times), tempo runs, recovery runs, fun runs and lots of Bennie walks.

Through all these runs and walks, the biggest thing that I can say about them is that they are — Comfortable.

I am counting the walking mileage because it is still miles on the shoes and while the wear pattern might be a little different from if I was only running in them, it shows a few things: Continue reading “Skechers GoRun Ride2 – Made it Past 200 Miles”

Things Happen For A Reason

Isn’t life funny how things work sometimes.

Yesterday, I got an email from a Brand, one that I really like a lot and now use daily. The email let me know that I had been accepted as a wear-tester and the obligations I would have.

This opportunity would have meant that I would have gotten some free gear, represented the brand at various events/races, been able to write product reviews, event recaps on my blog and meet some really great people as a result of participating in the program.

As recently as a couple of months ago, this would have been a great – no a fantastic opportunity and something that I had actively been working towards doing.

Unfortunately, I had to decline.

My decision to turn this down was not made lightly or easily.  Continue reading “Things Happen For A Reason”

What a Gorgeous Day – RunLog 9-18-13

Colby AYC Route Map 9-18-13
Colby AYC Route Map 9-18-13

This is one of those days that you dream about weather-wise.

It was the low 60’s, low humidity, sunshine and it just felt great to be able to run in it.

So what did I do?

I wanted to do at least 8.0, but didn’t want to do my usual 8.0 mile loop from Colby. So I went down Mayflower Hill and then down to Silver Street and back to Colby, it was a little different and I felt strong the entire way.

Surprisingly, I also felt that I could have gone faster when I wanted to, but wanted to keep it fairly conservative.

I was surprised at how good I felt the entire run, my Achilles didn’t bother until around mile 6.0 and even then when I picked it up during that last mile, I didn’t notice the Achilles very much at all. Continue reading “What a Gorgeous Day – RunLog 9-18-13”

There are Many Kinds of Bloggers

While going through my old posts, every so often I come across one that just seems to fit where I am now. When I do, I plan to update it and republish it.  I originally wrote this back on June 15, 2011, right before I left teaching and it really seems to fit a lot of things that I have thought about over the past month.

Who are the “real” bloggers?

While reading the blogs in my RSS feed lately and my Twitter feeds I have noticed the following topics continuing to dominate what is being written about blogs and bloggers: Continue reading “There are Many Kinds of Bloggers”

H.I.T Monday — RunLog 9/16/13

I look forward and at the same time dread Monday mornings – a little, but not really, well yes I do.

Are you confused again Harold?


Mondays are one of the days that I have decided to make my a High Intensity workout day. I either do intervals or harder tempo runs. Right now I am doing them on the treadmill, to re-learn proper pacing and so if my left foot begins to bother, I don’t have to walk back.

No I still don’t have confidence in my left Achilles yet, yes I am getting there, but I am still wary about how much I can do before it begins to bother me. Having confidence in what my body can and cannot do is important and something that I am regaining, slowly but surely — the slow part is the frustrating part.

Part 1

This morning’s workout had multiple parts, the first part was a 4.0 mile treadmill run:

  • 2 x 1.0 mile @ 7.2 mph
  • 1 x 1.0 mile @ 8.1 mph
  • 1 x 1.0 mile @ 8.6 mph
  • 1 x 0.25 @ 3.6 – cool-down
  • Distance: 4.0
  • Time: 30:12
  • Shoe: Skechers GoRun2

During mile two, my phone’s music player kept stopping and going to a GPS App, it got so bad that I had to stop and delete the App. To say that I got a little frustrated with it would be an understatement. However, it didn’t affect my running.

When I got done, I looked like I had gone swimming (an indicator of how hard I was working) and I was very happy with the run. Nothing hurt and I would have gone further, but I had my physical therapy appointment

Physical Therapy

Yes, I had to go wipe off and change before I went in, I didn’t want to gross Caroline out too much. She had lots of positive things to say, but the biggest thing that I remember her saying was that my Achilles tendon – felt like it was healing and as long as I don’t do anything stupid – I should be running normally again in a few months.

Now that was great news, I don’t like the idea of a couple of months, but I have been patient this long and will be for a while longer.

My next PT session will be my last scheduled one and I will graduate to unsupervised running. This is something that I am looking forward to, but at the same time, I know that I need to be careful to not do too much too soon.

After PT

I really didn’t feel like doing weights, especially after my hard run before PT. I almost need to do my weights on the days that I do not do my HIT running. I did the following:

  • Hip Crossovers
  • Scorpions
  • Calf stretch/Hand Walk
  • Inverted Hamstring
  • Lateral Lunge
  • Sumo Squat – to Stand
  • Glute Bridge – Leg Extended
  • Side Lying Adduction/Abduction
  • Quadruped Circles
  • Bridge – Front/Side
  • Physio Ball Balance – 2min

Run #2

Then I decided (well I had decided last night) to do a second run (I can run after waiting an hour after PT), it was similar to my first run, only a bit easier.

  • 2 x 1.0 mile @ 7.2 mph
  • 1 x 1.0 mile @ 7.6 mph
  • 1 x 1.0 mile @ 8.1 mph
  • 1 x 0.25 @ 3.6 – cool-down
  • Distance: 4.0
  • Time: 31:39
  • Shoe: Skechers GoRun2

My Achilles was bothering at about 3-4 level, which is not too bad and within acceptable limits, but I will be glad to run completely pain-free and not worry about if I attempt to toe-off for a longer run. The continual hard toe off of running faster does bother me more and I have to change my gait to more of a lifting type gait, which is a little slower and I cannot maintain it as long.

I know that the 15:00 minutes in the Sauna was my workout dessert today.