A Ying Yang Run — 9/2/13

Garden after pumping most of the day!

Have you ever had one of those runs, where everything seemed to go wrong to go right!

That was my running today.

Got up to a downpour, first dog walk got soaked, second dog walk was worse – 2.0 miles in pouring rain. Then it had rained so much that I had to get the sump pump out to de-water the garden .

I was supposed to do 5 miles today, 1.0 mile warm-up, 3.0 miles tempo (sub 7:50 pace) and a mile cool-down.

That was a bit of a change for my training plan, I found last week that I don’t like Tuesday for speed work and Thursdays for Tempo runs. So I changed it to Tempos on Monday and speed work on Wednesday. So here goes

Bad Thing – Good Thing Day

Bad thing: Didn’t really feel like running when it was raining outside like a cow pissing on a flat rock
Good thing: Decided to go to the gym after lunch and do tempo workout on the treadmill – more control of pacing and warm-up/cool-down.

Bad thing: Meant driving to Waterville.
Good thing: TheWife wanted to visit with SD2, so I could combine her wanting to visit, with my wanting to run

Bad thing: Got to Champions, they were closed for Labor Day.
Good thing: Went to run over at Colby, my favorite place in the area to run on the roads.

Bad thing: Opened gym bag to put on running shorts – no running shorts
Good thing: Went to TJ Maxx, they had 2 pair of Brooks Running shorts on sale $9.99 & $12.99 in my size – bought them.

Tags from Shorts
Tags from Shorts

Bad thing: Moving in day at Colby, parking lot too busy to change into compression and running shorts in the car (if I had had my truck would have)
Good thing: Colby gym really close and they let me use their rest rooms.

Bad thing: Dropped everything on floor in bathroom stall, change and stuff every where, didn’t bother getting change, got rest of stuff
Good thing: Finally got changed into compression shorts and new running shorts.

Bad thing: Didn’t have Garmin watch with me, only my Timex watch, timing tempo run harder.
Good thing: Have Garmin App for phone, used that.

Bad thing: Didn’t realize I started running with regular heavy cotton ball cap on.
Good thing: Needed it later.

Bad thing: Started raining with about 2.0 miles left – that felt good, however, the Cow and a flat rock came back with about a mile left
Good thing: I had baseball cap on, so I could still see with my glasses on – being able to see is an important thing when running in town, in the rain.

Bad thing: Coming back into parking young co-ed saw me running towards her, she was standing beside my car, she ran like scalded cat for the gym (I hope it was because it was raining), I knew I needed a shower but not that badly.
Good thing: Security didn’t come and check me out, plus I didn’t feel self-conscious when I took my shirt off and blind everyone, because I don’t take my shirt off outside very often, good thing the parking lot was now empty.

Bad thing: GPS phone app screwed up royally, my watch said 52:01 for my run and phone apps said 37:14/4.5 – a pretty big difference!!!
Good thing: I had my watch on and measured course using Garmin’s map program to get a more accurate reading of 6.31 miles for the run.

Colby - Pleasant Street Loop
Colby – Pleasant Street Loop

Bad thing: When I sat down and closed the car door, my glasses fogged up and I grabbed cloth out gym bag to wipe – didn’t realize I grabbed dirty underwear – eeeuuuu
Good thing: I could see out of my glasses.

Bad thing: My left leg began to hurt towards the end.
Good thing:  My left leg didn’t bother too much until just under a mile was left and then it wasn’t as bad as it has been – which is progress.

This was just one of those runs where there was a lot of good things and bad things. A Ying/Yang run as I like to call them.

The run itself was very good, I think that I made my goal of sub 7:50 for 3.0 miles, 2 of the mile laps were 7:43 and 7:38, before the App started to screw up and I ran the last mile of the 3.0 miles faster than the first two, so it was probably closer to a 7:30 pace. My overall pace for the run was 8:15, so even though I slowed down some the last 2.0 miles it wasn’t that much.

The reality is that

What this run did show me was to be patient, look for the good instead of just focusing on the negative shit that can and does happen to us all. The good is there, sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find it.

A crazy day, but overall a hell of a confidence building run for me!!!

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