I Didn’t Feel Like Running Today – But Did RunLog 9-5-13

That’s right me – the guy who always wants to run. I really didn’t feel like running this morning. I was beat, tired, fatigued, felt like someone had shoved me through a meat grinder and tired of getting up to walk the dog a mile in the rain.

Oh well, I had a physical therapy appointment at 9:15 AM, otherwise I would have just bagged it and puttered around the house, I know I have plenty to do around here now – all those things I had to put off earlier and had otherwise procrastinated about.

So I left the house at 7:30 figuring I could at least do a couple of miles on the treadmill and a bit of strength work.

I started out easy.

  • 1.0 mile @ 7.1 mph – Felt good, the left foot was a little tuggy and tight, but not bad. So I kept on plugging
  • 1.0 mile @7.3 mph – Felt pretty damn good, still didn’t feel quite there, but figured I could do another mile.
  • 1.0 mile @7.5 mph – Feeling better, leg was still a little tuggy, but staying at about 3, so no big deal, plus I was starting to find a rhythm
  • .50 mile @7.7 mph – Felt good, getting that good rhythm, breathing normally
  • .50 mile @8.1 mph – Everything smoothed out, felt like I was running comfortably, my left leg stayed in the 3-4 range, still not quite able to have a good pain-free toe-off, but close.

When I got to the 4.0 mile mark, I decided, ahhh what to hell, my primary care doctor is here working out, the physical therapists are here, if I screw things up, at least I will have treatment options, so I decided to push the last mile – harder than I have since May! In other words – time to actually go for it and test damn thing out to see if it holds together. My doc looked at me a couple of times, but didn’t say anything – he knows I am a crazy Runnah, hell he didn’t even shake his head from what I could see. He didn’t stop me and ask me what in the hell I was doing – heheehehehe.

  • 0.75 @8.6 mph – This was harder after the 1/2 mile mark, but I had great focus and this is the training pace that I want to do on demand. It is just under a 7:00 minute pace and is where I am going to get back to as my normal tempo pace or Steady State Faster pace for 5K training.
  • 0.25 @ 9.1 mph – Almost race pace at 6:36 pace, I will get it down under 6:20 miles for the 5K distance, not being arrogant or an ass, just believe that I will and can – gonna stay positive. After all look at my tagline for this blog. Did the left leg hurt, it stayed just over a 4 and didn’t head up into the 5 range, so it was a little uncomfortable, but not painful!
  • Total Miles: 5.0
    Time: 38:14
    Pace: 7:39
    Shoes: Skechers GoRun2

When I got through, I looked like someone dumped a pail of water over my head, so I had to go clean-up a little for my PT appointment, I didn’t want to gross them out – too much..

I was very surprised with the last 2.0 miles of this run, a 5.0 miler some heavy negative splits – this was sure as hell a confidence builder. I figured this is the kind of workout that I should be doing before physical therapy, that way they can see what kind of abuse I am subjecting my body to and I actually get proper treatment after a tough workout, instead of the half-assed stuff that I do.

I don’t know what it is about the treadmill, but I just seem to run better on them, than I do outside, especially when I want to run faster. It might have something to do with that I can just focus on keeping up with the belt, instead of propelling myself so much – whatever. All I know is that I had a great workout this morning, especially one that I really didn’t even feel like starting.

That is one of the reasons that if you are feeling the blahs or a bad case of the tireds, try a mile and if it doesn’t get you interested, shut it down and do something else. This was one of those workouts that I could have bagged without a second thought and I am really glad that I didn’t.

Oh yeah I did run yesterday

Course: Back Cove Portland
Distance: 3.6 Miles
Time: 31:34
Pace: 8:46
Shoes: Skechers GoRun Ride2

I was tired and beat up from Tuesday’s double and just went slow on a course that I usually try to run a little faster. Good comfortable recovery run.

One thought on “I Didn’t Feel Like Running Today – But Did RunLog 9-5-13

  1. I envy those who can do the treadmill … I just can’t stand it at all! I had to do one last week for a cardiac stress test (first one ever), and was glad when it was done. When I was doing doubles this winter / spring when traveling to Kentucky for work I would run outside in the morning and do the hotel elliptical at night … never got on the treadmill!

    This morning when I went out the rain had sputtered to just a few drips and it was crisp and cool … so the only thing stopping me was I wanted to be all showered before waking the kids up for school (first day here), and my wife was making them pancakes so we could all eat together (they are patient with us and our togetherness stuff even though they are in high school 🙂 ).

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