Things Happen For A Reason

Isn’t life funny how things work sometimes.

Yesterday, I got an email from a Brand, one that I really like a lot and now use daily. The email let me know that I had been accepted as a wear-tester and the obligations I would have.

This opportunity would have meant that I would have gotten some free gear, represented the brand at various events/races, been able to write product reviews, event recaps on my blog and meet some really great people as a result of participating in the program.

As recently as a couple of months ago, this would have been a great – no a fantastic opportunity and something that I had actively been working towards doing.

Unfortunately, I had to decline.

My decision to turn this down was not made lightly or easily. 

Like most people would do, I initially got all excited when an opportunity like this finally comes along – something that I really wanted at one time. It got me to thinking – well maybe, if only I… and all those other thoughts of sugar plums and fairie dust, about how great it would be to go ahead get back into social media marketing, and represent this particular brand.

I tried to justify/figure out/think of ways that I could meet the requirements of the brand and still keep “A Runnah’s Story” the way that I have it set it up (besides making it a self-hosted blog – which I will not do again anytime soon or moving it to a different blog host).

All that slippery slope thinking!

Back in August, when I decided to create “A Runnah’s Story”, one of the reasons that I moved back to was their Terms of Service. Specifically, that I could not do sponsored posts, which put a self-imposed governor on getting back into social media marketing mode.

The TOS made slow down, forced me to go through several different scenarios and finally, think about the real question.

Do I want to get back into social media marketing or not?


I made the choice to move in a different direction on September 1st (see my post – Becoming a Barbarian Again). To be honest I am very comfortable with that choice and direction I am going personally and professionally.

However, I did not completely close the door and in my response offered to possibly work some events or wear testing of their products, with no obligation to do social media marketing.

The Brand was very understanding of my choice and indicated that they would be interested in my working some events down the road with them.

I like the brand a LOT,  have a flexible schedule, think that working events would be a fun experience, let me meet other runners and others in the running industry that I wouldn’t otherwise, which is something that I really enjoy. I will have to get more info from the Brand on what working an event actually entails, versus what my expenditures would be.

Things happen for a reason and whether I choose to do events or wear test their stuff or not, I plan to continue purchasing products from this brand in the future – I like them that much.

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