Skechers GoRun Ride2 – Made it Past 200 Miles

Skechers GoRun Ride 2
Skechers GoRun Ride 2

I just went over 200 miles of running on my Skecher GoRun Ride2’s (that I got for my birthday back in early August) and at least another 125 (probably a lot more) miles of walking in them.

Over the past 7 weeks I have used them for a 9+ mile long run (I am slowly increasing my long runs after a partial tear of my Achilles back on 5/27), several 8.0 mile runs, 40 plus mile weeks, speed work on the treadmill (down to sub 6:00 minute pace at times), tempo runs, recovery runs, fun runs and lots of Bennie walks.

Through all these runs and walks, the biggest thing that I can say about them is that they are — Comfortable.

I am counting the walking mileage because it is still miles on the shoes and while the wear pattern might be a little different from if I was only running in them, it shows a few things:

  • Again – most importantly  the Ride2’s are VERY comfortable for me.
  • The out-soles have worn better than I thought they would. I run and walk a lot on stones/rocks on the dirt road down-back which are really tough on the out-sole of any running shoes, besides a lot of miles on tar roads.


  • I wear these shoes about 85 to 90% of the time – I just like the way that they fit and feel on my feet.

What do I like about the Ride2’s?

  • The Ride2’s to be extremely comfortable – Yes, I know I said this before, but to me it is the most important thing – they are comfortable.
  • They are wide in the toe box and do not bother my right foot’s Tailor Bunionette, 5-6 miles into the run. This has been a huge problem with other shoes styles that I have worn. It becomes very uncomfortable to down-right painful, which causes me to change my gait on my longer runs, which causes chain-reaction injuries – which suck!
  • I like a softer feeling i.e. cushioned running shoe and these meet that “want”, without being sloppy.
  • They are very flexible.
  • Light – coming in at under 8 oz.
  • Quiet. They are quiet, I do not slap the ground in them or pound it with my heels. All I know is that I run smoothly and quietly whether I am running at a sub 7:00 minute pace or at a slower 9:30 recovery pace.
  • I run with more of a mid-foot landing than I do with other styles of running shoes. I have read a lot of negative feedback about the hump in the Skechers performance line of running shoes – the one I really have never noticed in the Ride2’s. Maybe the E-Motion bump just works its magic with my style of running – what ever it is – I like it so far.
  • No heel counter. A lot of people do not like not having a heel counter, personally I don’t like having one and consider this a clear benefit of the Ride2’s. There is no heel counter back there to cause blisters or “restrict” the natural movement of my foot.


  • Speaking of blisters. None – the only time I had a minor problem was once when the insole came out and I didn’t put the right foot’s back in correctly. Once I put it back where it was supposed to be, no issues.
  • Finally, even though I put fit and function over appearances, to me the GoRun Ride2’s are a good-looking running shoe! They are not Fugly like some of the other shoes I have run in over the past couple of years.


  • They pick up small rocks in the heel unit – while they are easily flicked out, it is annoying to hear them clicking on the road and makes me lose focus until I take care of it. Usually they are not big enough to bother, but once in a while I get a pointed rock in there and have to stop to get rid of it.
  • I automatically put LockLaces in my all of my shoes, I wish they came with them.

Those are the only issues I have had with my Skecher GoRun Ride2’s.

The reality is that

the Skechers GoRun Ride2’s are my favorite running shoes that I have run in, since I returned to running in June 2011 and one of my favorite pair of running shoes that I have run in since sometime back in the mid-80’s. That is saying something, because I have gone through A LOT of running shoes over that period.

The two biggest compliments that I can give these shoes are that:

  1. I choose to run in the Ride2’s over all the other running shoes that I have in the house
  2. I  bought another pair today. That is right – I bought them with my own money, in other words – I put my money where my mouth is.


The last one is something I haven’t done for a while – going out and buying another pair of the same brand and style of running shoe. The best part was they were on sale locally at Famous Footwear for $69.99 and I had a coupon for 15% off, so for around $63, I got a new pair of running shoes.

Pretty sweet if you ask me.

The Skecher GoRun Ride2’s may not work for everyone, but they do work for me.

I do know that my new Skechers Ride 2’s will be primarily for running and my old blue ones will be more for walking or crappy weather running shoes. Those shoes have a lot more running life left in them, but I want to see how many miles I can get on a pair of Ride 2’s, if I just use them for running.

I am very happy with how my Ride 2’s have performed for me and can’t wait to try the new pair, so I can compare the differences between the new ones and the old ones – it should be a fun post. Also I have a feeling that a pair of GoRun Bionic Trail Shoes, winter is coming, plus I want to start trail running again and someday a pair of GoRun Mebs (Speeds) will make it into my running shoe rotation, if I ever get back in race shape.

Good job – Skechers – I am impressed.

Disclosure – I submitted an application to become a Skecher’s wear-tester back in mid-August (before I decided to stop social media marketing). Last week I was offered the opportunity to become a Skecher’s Wear Tester and primarily due to my decision to move away from social media marketing, I choose to decline the offer. I might work with Skechers at some future event(s), but for now, I do not have any official or unofficial relationship with Skechers and have to buy my Skechers Running shoes – which I have done.

So all comments about these shoes are my own and are my honest opinion of what I think of the Skechers GoRun Ride2.

2 thoughts on “Skechers GoRun Ride2 – Made it Past 200 Miles

    1. Erik – they work well for me, are reasonably priced and impressed me more than than I thought they would. To be honest, even when I run in other shoes now – they just don’t feel as comfortable or fit the same (and you know I have a lot of other shoes). I will be interested in hearing what you think if you get a pair 🙂

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