Tough/Great Interval Workout-–RunLog 10-21-13

It was 33F at the house this morning, getting closer to that freezing mark everyday, but that is okay it is part of the deal of living in Maine, it does eventually get colder up heah. However, we have been blessed with one of the most ideal fall running seasons that I have seen in many, many years. I know that I have been outside a lot in my shorts and t-shirts enjoying that weather to the max.

So what did I do today?

It is Monday and I have developed a pretty consistent pattern of doing treadmill intervals or progression runs on Mondays after the weekends that I don’t race. So even though by the time I got to the gym it had warmed up to 44 and lots of sun, I still decided to go inside and do my speed work indoors.

WTF Harold are you totally bonkers, it was freaking gorgeous outside!!!!

Probably, but I have found that I do a better job on my speed work on the treadmill, especially if I am doing it by myself – that I don’t have to think about it, I just have to do it. Also my pace is a lot more consistent and until I get back to knowing my pace better, especially at faster speeds, the treadmill is my usual training partner.

So what did I end up doing?


  • 1.0 mile @7.2 mph – warm-up

After each fast quarter was a recovery quarter at 7.2 mph, except for the last one, where I had to walk .10 @ 3.4 mph just to get my breath back, more on that later!

  • 4 x .25 @ 9.1 mph – approximately 6:52 pace at 0% grade

I actually felt very strong during these 4 quarters, those 3 days in a row I had off last week, seemed to rejuvenate my legs a bit, so I decided to kick the pace up for the next set of 4.

  • 6 x .25 @ 9.6 mph – approximately 6:31 pace at 0% grade

These tended to get my attention, I was definitely feeling the fatigue in my legs by the end of the 4th interval at this speed. Now I usually attempt/try/do sets of 4 for this workout and increase the speed after each set, but I also knew that my next set was going to be at 10.1 mph and there is no way that my legs are ready for 4 quarters at that speed right now. So I added on a couple extra quarters at 9.6 mph and yes I was hanging on pretty tight for the first 0.10 of the last few recovery laps @ 7.2 mph.

  • 2 x .25 @ 10.1 mph – approximately 6:12 pace at 0% grade

Workout Summary

  • Total Miles: 7.0
  • Time: 52.55
  • Pace: 7:33

Shoes: Skechers GoRun Ride2

WOW!!! Those LAST two quarters got my attention!!!! On the last one I had to slow the treadmill down to 3.4 mph for a .10, just to catch my breath and get myself back to breathing instead of gasping for air. I don’t know why, but It didn’t really bother me until I stopped the quarter, while I was running fast, I felt great and felt as though I could have done halves instead of quarters, it wasn’t until I slowed down that I realized how badly I felt – I know I am weird. At least I didn’t go for the halves today, if I had of I know that I would have been a hurtin puppy – definitely!!!

Thankfully, I didn’t puke or anything, but definitely noticed that I was going faster than I am used to (for now) – I think the clue was that lack of being able to breath for 30 seconds or so after the last 2 fast quarters were over Winking smile.

Could I have gone faster – probably, but I didn’t want to push that hard right now. The old sprinter in me lets/gets me to go faster than I should and I have to be careful to not forget that I am still not 100% on that left Achilles yet, even though today I didn’t notice any discomfort during the run and none after it was over – finally progress!

Overall, I am ecstatic about this workout, it compares to some of the workouts I was doing back in April, before my injuries and gave me a sense of where I am in my recovery.

All I know is that damn foam roller and I got too well acquainted after the treadmill and evoked all kinds of misery and groans or more likely silent screams of agony as I attempted to not to embarrass myself too much or have some of the other members think that I was enjoying myself too much on the roller. Next week, I have a feeling that there will be a little incline thrown in on the first set of 4, just to see how that goes. I really don’t want to run much faster than 10.1 mph and I need to get used to going uphill faster, so I will slowly up the incline as I build my strength back up in these old legs.

Damn runner problems, I just gotta keep making things harder and tougher, I never seem to be satisfied with what I am now doing and always want to be doing more either faster or further. Oh well, I guess that is better than sitting on the couch drinking a beer, eating ice cream and chips, while watching TV Smile.

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