Good Back Cove Run — RunLog 10/24/13

Back Cove
Back Cove

I had to be in Portland yesterday and did my usual run around Back Cove, only this time instead of stopping at one lap, I decided to do 2 laps. It has been a while since I felt good enough to add a little speed to this run.

Over the past couple of days, my right knee area has barked a little and my right foot has felt a little off. However, those are my fault, I have not been doing my mobilization and stretching routine regularly for a couple of weeks and my body is not so gently reminding me that I definitely need to keep up this routine!

The first laps was more to see how I was feeling, so I started out slower and kept pushing the pace a little more each mile. I wore my Timex instead of my Garmin on purpose, because I find that subconsciously or consciously push myself harder when I am wearing my Garmin. I want those mile splits to be faster and if I am wearing my Timex I don’t worry about it nearly as much, since I don’t use the lap function very often. The knee barked a little at the start, but as I loosened up it did too. However, my right foot began to bother more than it is has in a long time on the second lap.

Note to self – get back on track with my mobilization and stretching routine, it is not something that I can ignore!!! Especially if I want to keep running comfortably.

The weather was high 40’s with blustery winds and partly cloudy – in other words a nice October day for running. Yes it slowed me down a little when it was in my face and helped push me when it is was at my back, so that was really a wash.


The first lap around Back Cove was done in 30:24 for the 3.6 miles, around a 8:24 pace and I felt very comfortable with the pace. I had originally planned to do a slower second lap, but based on how I was feeling, I decided to see if I could finish in under an hour for both, which meant I would have to pick it up a bit. I finished with a total time of 59:14, so I ran a 28:50 for the second lap. Now that is not the fastest I have ever run a lap around Back Cove, but is one of the faster second lap times I have had there in a while.

Overall, I was very happy with my time/effort and how my body felt after I got done, now to just get back on my mobilization and stretching routine that I neglected, slacked off from, well to be honest, I got lazy after I finished PT and stopped having adult supervision.

The way it is sometimes, now I just have to do better.

Have you ever just slacked off something you know that you need to do to keep running comfortably? How did you get back into the routine again?

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