Double Treadmill Workouts — RunLog 10-30-13

I took yesterday off, initially I was going to do an easy 5.0 mile recovery run, had changed into my running gear, then life just got in the way – unexpectedly. Isn’t that how it usually happens, TheWife called to tell me that our new Jeep had a slow leak in a tire, so while I was in town, I decided to do the needed shopping at Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and a couple other places, by the time I got home, I just didn’t feel like running.

Actually Tuesdays seem to have become my body’s scheduled day off lately, so I just went with it and it was the right decision.

This morning I had an 8:00 A.M. appointment with Judy at Champions to get my fat measured and setup a workout program for me. That will be a post later in the week, because as a part of it, I have to re-vamp my running plan for the next couple of months. I know that I have to get back on track as far as eating less and not enjoying sugar and salt as much (cake, whoopie pies, chips – you know all that great tasting food that I just love to eat).

I got on the treadmill just after 7:00 and was going to do a quick 5-6 miles, when Judy comes walking over and told me that if I was going to workout before our appointment, she couldn’t do my body fat measurement. Something about working out gives false readings (personally I think it is more the sweat/stink thing), so I tried to negotiate with her and she said I could run until 7:30 and then I had to stop, go wipe-off and change my shirt and go sit on my ass until 8:00. I laughed said I would – I have known Judy since 2002 and we joke around a LOT.

  • 0.44 @ 7.5 mph – when Judy talked with me,
  • 1.5 @ 7.5 mph – I was feeling really good, so I decided to turn this into a short progression run,
  • .25 @ 7.6 mph – 2.19,
  • .25 @ 7.7 mph,
  • .25 @ 7.8 mph,
  • .25 @ 8.6 mph – 2.94,
  • .06 @ 8.6 mph


  • Time: Under 24:00 – but I forgot to stop my watch and the treadmill had shut-down
  • Miles: 3.0
  • Pace: Faster than 8:00 minute pace
  • Skechers GoRunRide2

After getting measured and setting up my weights program (I actually will start it on Monday), I got back on the treadmill and did the workout that I had planned originally, plus a little.

  • Warm-up .25 @3.5 mph,
  • 1.0 mile @ 7.5 mph,
  • 1.0 mile @ 7.6 mph,
  • 1.0 mile @ 7.7 mph,
  • 1.0 mile @ 7.8 mph,
  • 1.0 mile @ 7.9 mph,
  • 1.0 mile @ 8.0 mph,
  • .25 @ 8.1 mph,
  • .25 @ 8.2 mph,
  • .25 @ 8.3 mph,
  • .25 @ 8.6 mph
  • Cool-down .5 mile @ 3.3 mph


  • Time: 54:22
  • Distance: 7.0 miles
  • Pace: 7:46
  • Shoes: Skechers GoRunRide2

The reality is that

I was more than a little disappointed with my measurement results and I have gained more than 15 pounds since May, now that I am running normally again, it is time to get my ass in gear and get back down to 144 (or less).

My two workouts were very good, the little achiness that I was having in my right knee, seemed to go away on my second run today and is not bothering me now, so hopefully that is resolving itself, especially since I have started my manipulation/mobilization exercises again.

Now I have another measurement appointment with Judy on December 2nd, I wonder what kind of progress I can make over the next month. I know that I am very motivated now!

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