Week 3 of my Pre-Marathon Training Plan — 11/29/13


My favorite image from the week that was
My favorite image from the week that was

Week 3 of pre-marathon training is over, you know that building my base mileage thing. How did it go?

Great, outstanding and all those other superlatives we say out loud when something felt like we are making great forward progress. Like I said last week,

This base building is something that I have never done before

I am learning a lot.

1. Speed is not everything.

With this McMillan base mileage module, I am supposed to stay within a certain “easy” pace range 8:06 – 9:08 and I have pretty much stayed within it for most of the 3 weeks I have done it. No speed work, no really going under an 8:00 minute pace (very often) and for the first time, just work on running comfortably. Continue reading “Week 3 of my Pre-Marathon Training Plan — 11/29/13”

First Look and Run in Skechers GoRun Ride 3s

Okay, I was all worried about how Skechers was changing “MY” running shoes, you know the GoRun Ride 2’s to something a little different in the new GoRun Ride 3’s. Unfortunately and fortunately, the GRR 3’s are not the same running shoe as the GRR 2’s.

Skechers GoRun Ride 3's
Skechers GoRun Ride 3’s

The unfortunate part – they do not feel or look as wide in the toe box, which was one of the major reasons that I loved the GRR 2’s – I even double-checked on the look with the wife and she stated that the GRR 3’s definitely did not look as wide as the GRR 2’s. I haven’t put my LockLaces in them yet, so I don’t know if that will make a difference or not – I really hope it does. So that sucks and might be a deal breaker. Continue reading “First Look and Run in Skechers GoRun Ride 3s”

A Cold and Tough 13.1 – RunLog 11-29-13

I am not whining about the cold, especially since I have a lot more time of running out in it over the next few months and it will just get colder before it starts to get warmer. So I am just stating what is and how the cold affected my run today – maybe a little cold whining, but not much.

Yes, it was cold today, when we rode by the circle in Augusta after I finished, the clock showed 22F and then just up the road the one leading out-of-town showed 18F, with a 10+ mph breeze which brought the temps down to the feels like or wind chills to single digits.

During the run

I started out slow and easy, hoping to warmup, I had on 4 tech fabric layers on top and compression shorts, running shorts and wind pants on the bottom, along with fleece gloves/mitten shells, headband & ball cap, so I should have been quite toasty during the run. As long as my hands and ears are comfortable, I can usually make it through just about any run. Continue reading “A Cold and Tough 13.1 – RunLog 11-29-13”

Improvements to MY Running Shoes

I have to laugh at myself sometimes, actually a lot, but this time it was a bit ridiculous even for me. I am not very patient and will sometimes engage fingers before engaging brain.

Skecher GoRun Ride 2’s

I belong to a Facebook group for running shoe nerds, which I definitely am. When one of the other members commented, after I said that I had just ordered the Skechers GoRun Ride3’s, to replace my current favorite running shoe of all time – the Skechers GoRun Ride2’s:

count on the GRR3 being significantly different from the GRR2. You’ve been warned!

This really got my attention and I went on a bit of a tangent, hijacked a thread and made a bit an ass of myself. Now me go on a rant just because a pair of running shoes might not be the same as the pair that I love – not me I would never ever do that!!!!

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Thank You and a 7.0 Miler – RunLog 11-28-13

Happy birthday Johnathan!

I have so much to be thankful for in my life, especially my health, which allows me to enjoy family and friends.

Yes, I could go into lengthy thank you’s and why’s I should be thanking you. As much as I love to be long-winded, I think that this time a few simple words of thanks, mean more than reams of endless words, where I attempt to explain myself.

Thank you
Thank you everyone who positively touched my life and helped to make me a better person over the past year. You know who you all are and how you have affected my life. Continue reading “Thank You and a 7.0 Miler – RunLog 11-28-13”

Another 7.25 Treadmill Run – RunLog 11-27-13

Could I have run outside today or gone with Patrick on the weekly Central Maine Striders “nooner” Group run today – sure, but I chose not to. The heavy rains put a damper on being able to enjoy an hour of running out in it. The temps were not bad – in the 50’s, but the downpour and how the side of the roads were out here in Sidney or would be in Waterville, just made up my mind to do the treadmill.

Radar map 11-27-13
Radar map 11-27-13

Yes, I had pretty much decided not to run outside if it was pouring out – last night. What made my mind up was when I was walking Bennie didn’t even go a 100 yards in it for either of his morning walks, I know I don’t need to be out there either.

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First Snow of the Year and 10 Miles Done – RunLog 11-26-13

We had our first snow of the year and while it wasn’t much, it was enough to be a pain in the ass for vehicles and runners. Luckily, TheWife was in a hurry to get her run in, so I graciously said ladies first and she ran this morning and I waited until the afternoon.

First Snow November 26 2013
First Snow November 26 2013

By the time I did my run, the roads were mostly clear, had been sanded and were just beginning to re-freeze. so it was a little sloppy in places, slippery in others, but not too bad until I got downback, where the snow had been driven on, compacted and left untreated, which meant it had turned to mostly “white ice”, so the last couple of miles of my run were definitely slower, but I would rather go slower than land on my pride or slip and pull something. Continue reading “First Snow of the Year and 10 Miles Done – RunLog 11-26-13”

Tough and Windy 10.0 Miler – RunLog 11-24-13

Tough freaking run!

A good run, but definitely a tough run.

Why? The weather, well more exactly the wind! It was definitely huffing and a puffing out there.

Weather 11-24-13
Weather 11-24-13

I tried to pick a course that would minimize the amount of time I was into the teeth of this wind and did pretty well. I only had a couple of miles where it bothered very much and most of that was off my left shoulder, when I crossed the big fields. Even so it was still bitterly cold!

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Week 2 of my Pre-Marathon Training Plan — 11/22/13

IMG_20131118_141603_004Okay I finished up week 2 of my pre-marathon training, in other words, I finished up week 2 of building my base mileage.

This base building is something that I have never done before and am doing it as part of the training plan that I put together based on the book You (Only Faster), by Greg McMillan.

Last week taught me:

1. That building my base mileage is/was badly needed! I didn’t really understand how important/necessary working on building a base was, until this week,

Although I have done the base building module only for a short time, it felt different from my “normal” – go fast, go slower, go even faster, go slow, repeat, types of workouts and weeks.

Taking the time to go easy consistently over the past couple of weeks has let me run more pain-free than I have in a long time for more miles. Now to see how it goes next week, when I use the top of the mileage range instead of the bottom. Continue reading “Week 2 of my Pre-Marathon Training Plan — 11/22/13”

Easy Long Run or is that Comfortable – RunLog 11-22-13

Today was my long run day and I was supposed to run between 1:45 to 2:00 minutes today, so I planned on my training half marathon course (Home to the Augusta Rail Trail).

The run itself was just comfortable, I didn’t push and I did something a little differently. I didn’t look at my Garmin, until I got to the Rail Trail, to check to see how my time was. I had no idea of my pace other than I kept it easy and there were some parts of the Middle Road, then down past College Carry Out until after the stop light and Bond Brook, where I was in the ditch more than I was running on tar or traffic was just tough, which affected my pace a little. Continue reading “Easy Long Run or is that Comfortable – RunLog 11-22-13”