Bodyfat Where I am vs Where I was

Champions Body Composition Record
Champions Body Composition Record

One of the things that I really like about going back to Champions is that I get to work with Judy (personal trainer) again. Besides motivating me to do more than I ever thought I could in the gym, one of the most important things that she has done over the years is to accurately measure my body fat and how much I actually weigh on an “accurate” scale.

With her doing the measurements I can’t fudge factor them to make me look better to myself, because in the past I was the only one who saw the results. So they are an accurate measurement of where I was at that time.

As part of my re-joining Champions, I had an appointment on Wednesday with Judy, to get re-measured and setup a training plan.

It is not something that I have always looked forward to, especially since I know that my weight and body fat historically have usually been higher than it should be. Until I looked back at the measurement record, I didn’t realize how big I actually was in the past. I had deluded myself into thinking my measurements back in 2002 to 2006 were my “normal” measurements and pretty much where I would be for the rest of my life.

However, after my knee surgery in May 2011, when I decided to go ahead and take control of my health, I have shrunk a lot. Unfortunately, I also knew that I gained back some of it after I got injured in May. So it was with a more than a little trepidation that I approached that appointment.

At the same time I was really interested to see how I now compare to my “older” measurements (the last time Judy pinched my fat in 2006) or even 2002 (the first time I had it done at Champions).

Here are the results:

Bodyfat Measurement Chart
Body fat Measurement Chart

As you can see my weight and body fat measurements are the best they have been in years, but I still have work to do and I can see more lifting weights in my future, as well as watching what I eat a lot more than I have been lately.

I do have to chuckle a little though, my scales at home right before I left for the gym, which showed me at 155, so there is a 4 pound discrepancy between my scales and Champions. Which is nice to know, but it always seems that the gym’s or doctor’s office scales, are 4-5 pounds heavier than my scales do at home, hmmmmm I wonder about that sometimes.

I have my next re-measure appointment with Judy on December 4th and my goal is to get under 155 on their scales and get under 21% body fat.

We will see how it goes, Judy and I did put together a workout program that should help me do it (I still have to incorporate my new running/training program into this one, so that I don’t over do it – well too much any way. That has always been my problem, I like to just run and doing the weights, stretching and other things I have in my plan, well let’s just say that I am consistently, inconsistent – at best.

Looking back over the years is a good thing to do and it is nice to have access to the records again, to see where I have been, where I am and now where I need to go. It is good to see that I am in better shape than I was in 2002 or even 2006, but now to focus on improving these stats even more.

I am motivated again, no longer in a funk and have some added accountability to get better, now to just do it.

One thought on “Bodyfat Where I am vs Where I was

  1. It IS funny that their scales always seem higher, isn’t it? I find it interesting looking at pictures of myself through the years … I can see myself go up and down, even if only by 10lbs, it is still amazing how it shows on our faces.

    Congrats on the lower body mass. I always tell people to avoid the scale – but that is more because people become obsessive and don’t factor in the normal variation due to pretty much everything. Getting a full set of measurements like that is a better way of knowing about yourself.

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