New Central Maine Striders Group Run – RunLog 11-13-13

Course 11-13-13
Course 11-13-13

Okay, I have been negligent about writing my daily RunLog posts for the past couple of days, while I focused on putting my spring marathon training plan together and reflecting on the reasons I needed to make some very drastic changes to how I train.

Putting those thoughts into something that made sense (at least a little) took more time than I thought it would.

The other part is that my marathon mileage base building started last Monday, but I will get into all this stuff in my weekly round-up, which I will go over a LOT of changes, including when I will be doing my weekly wrap-ups.

I am very excited by all the changes and believe that they will get me to the marathon finish line this spring with a BQ time for me!!!

So what have I been doing, running-wise?

On Wednesday, I met Patrick and TJay over at the Alfond Youth Center for our first Central Maine Striders Weekly Wednesday Noon-Time Group run.

Yes we are doing weekly Wednesday group runs outside during the winter in Maine!!! It should be a hoot and motivation to get my ass outside every Wednesday.

We gabbed and ran and ran and gabbed. This something I very seldom get to do. Typically I run 95%f my runs alone and I jumped at the chance to be able to run with someone else. The best thing was that we just ran easy and enjoyed one another’s company.

Garmin Stats 11-13-13
Garmin Stats 11-13-13

At the end of the run, I wanted to go a little longer (notice not faster) to meet my training plan for the day, so I kept going, after Patrick and TJay turned back into AYC. I missed the after run banter that typically goes on and I will stop with everyone else and then after yakking for a few minutes, go ahead and finish out my run.

Even though it was cold and windy, I definitely over-dressed. This is something that I will be working on over the course of the next few weeks – dialing in how I dress during my cold-weather runs.

Why don’t you join us for the next Wednesday Noon-time run at the Alfond Youth Center. It is good company, various paces and if it grows to more than 2-3 people a good chance to socialize with other runners and do some training outside in the crazy Maine weather.

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