Week 2 of my Pre-Marathon Training Plan — 11/22/13

IMG_20131118_141603_004Okay I finished up week 2 of my pre-marathon training, in other words, I finished up week 2 of building my base mileage.

This base building is something that I have never done before and am doing it as part of the training plan that I put together based on the book You (Only Faster), by Greg McMillan.

Last week taught me:

1. That building my base mileage is/was badly needed! I didn’t really understand how important/necessary working on building a base was, until this week,

Although I have done the base building module only for a short time, it felt different from my “normal” – go fast, go slower, go even faster, go slow, repeat, types of workouts and weeks.

Taking the time to go easy consistently over the past couple of weeks has let me run more pain-free than I have in a long time for more miles. Now to see how it goes next week, when I use the top of the mileage range instead of the bottom.

2. I love running trails and did two runs on them last week. They do force me to slow down and it seems every time I run trails, I find the mud to go slip, sliding on my pride.

Short stumpy guy, covered in mud
Short stumpy guy, covered in mud

3. That the Wednesday Central Maine Strider “nooner” running group that starts from the Alfond Youth Center in Waterville is something I am enjoying. It is a nice change of pace to run with others and talk/gab during a run.

4. I decided it was time to do a runner’s favorite/least favorite activity, search for new running shoes. I went to the 5 local area stores that carry running shoes tried on around 10 pair. However, I couldn’t find a retailer in a 50 mile radius who carries the Pearl Izumi’s I really wanted to try on. After really looking at how my shoes are wearing and how my feet are beginning to feel, I made a choice on which running shoe, I would be running in over the next few months.

Really I am such a nerd when it comes to running shoes and the local store’s salespeople groan when they see me coming, but hey I develop a close and personal relationship with my running shoes and spend a lot of time/miles in them when they work for me, so I want to make sure they are going to work for me.

What did I end up with – well I stayed with the Skechers GoRun Ride line, but am moving up to the new version 3, instead of the 2 that I am running in. Now to get them in and see what the differences are and if I like them as much as I do the 2’s, The price was definitely right compared to other shoes that I looked at or even the ones I didn’t get to look at. 

The real test will be when I take them for that initial 10 miler that I like to do with new running shoes, it tells me what I need to know very quickly about a new pair of running shoes and if they will work for me or not.

5. I like having my training plan on the side of the refrigerator, it I look at it a lot more than I thought I would and so does my wife, because she comments on how my training is going a lot more now.

Harold's Marathon Training Plan on the Refrigerator
Harold’s Marathon Training Plan on the Refrigerator

 Week’s Summary

Week ending 11-15-13

RunLog Summary 11-22-13
RunLog Summary 11-22-13


I thought that I was in pretty good shape, but this week’s schedule kicked my butt. Although I am running slower, I spent almost 2 hours more running during the week than I did last week 8:02:12 to 6:08:12, which resulted in a 53:5 mile week versus 41.53 for last week. More than the recommended 10% increase by a little, but the only thing that bothered was how tired I felt, which I can handle. I did nap a little more and have bonding time with Bennie and Joey, so it wasn’t all bad.


Week 2 Pre Marathon Base Mileage Module
Week 2 Pre Marathon Base Mileage Module

I added in Week 1’s totals, just to show the increase. One difference was that I ran 6 days, instead of 5 and that pretty much accounted for one of the two-hour increase. 

Overall I am very happy with the fact that I have stayed with this training schedule for the past two weeks and not gone too far outside of it. Oh, last Sunday, I flew a little too fast a couple of times going downhill, with the wind at my back (in the 6:45 pace range), but I just felt as though I needed to blow out the carbon out of the pipes.This may be base training, but every once in a while I am going to turn on the afterburners and go – just a part of who I am as a runner, especially if I am feeling good.

No it doesn’t mean that I will turn a training run into a time trial or race with myself, but for a ways during a training run, I might purposely pick up the pace a little, every once in a while.


Skechers GoRun Ride2’s (Orange/Gray) My Skechers have 348+ miles on them and it is time to rotate in a new pair of running shoes. The insole is getting rather thin under my right little toe and I can feel it when I am walking. I plan to find another set of insoles that will work, but I ran 13+ in them yesterday with no unusual aches or pains, so they still have some life left in them.

My original GR Ride 2’s (Blue/White) now have well over 500 mile of combined walking/running on them, while they are beginning to show some wear, they still have a lot of walking wear left on them and if I had to I would not hesitate to take them on a 10 mile run.

My GoRun2’s have a little over 130 miles running on them and have become my Gym, short/faster run treadmill shoes. My experience with the GR2’s, is that after 6.0 miles or so, they begin to bother my feet, they are just a little too minimal for me.

New Balance 1010 — I ran the Bond Brook trails in them on Monday and had a flare up of my plantar faciitis, which just seems to happen when I run in NB shoes for some reason or other. I don’t know why, but it does happen and is why I haven’t been buying NB shoes over the past few years. I will try 1-2 more runs in them and if my PF flares up again, they will just go into the give away bin. I love the shoe, but not what it does to my PF.


This was my best week yet, with my Achilles, it only barked a couple of times, but I am not trying to run fast with it, but I am running more on the hills. A little plantar faciitis flare-up, but it went away pretty quickly, when I didn’t run more in the 1010’s and my right knee didn’t bother hardly at all. All in all a good week.

The reality is that

This McMillan/Shaw training base mileage training module is working.

While I am “easily” meeting the time running requirements, I mostly stayed at the bottom of the time range. Next week I will be more at the top and if I feel like I did this week, it will confirm to me that only 4 weeks of base mileage is not enough.

That I will seriously think about repeating this module at the end of the 4 weeks. I thought that this might happen, especially since I have a sneaking suspicion that lack of base mileage is one of my weak points about my running  and training for a marathon – I have never established a real mileage base, to progress forward to marathon training, usually I just jump in the pool, start running and get injured.

Also the base of my marathon training pyramid has always been inverted, with a lot more emphasis on speed at the bottom and base mileage at the top, now I realize how much it should have been the other way around.

Just me being me and doing things bass ackwards. 

Oh well, at least I am learning and best of all, I am running comfortably for the first time in a long time. When I can run a training half marathon under 2 hours, without any real complaints and then at the end pick up the pace by almost a minute, says that something is going right.

I am impressed so far, now to get those new GR Ride 3’s in and find out how they work for me. I can only hope they work as well as the 2’s did and if they do they will be a great running shoe for me.


Next Week 11-23-13
Next Week 11-23-13