First Look and Run in Skechers GoRun Ride 3s

Okay, I was all worried about how Skechers was changing “MY” running shoes, you know the GoRun Ride 2’s to something a little different in the new GoRun Ride 3’s. Unfortunately and fortunately, the GRR 3’s are not the same running shoe as the GRR 2’s.

Skechers GoRun Ride 3's
Skechers GoRun Ride 3’s

The unfortunate part – they do not feel or look as wide in the toe box, which was one of the major reasons that I loved the GRR 2’s – I even double-checked on the look with the wife and she stated that the GRR 3’s definitely did not look as wide as the GRR 2’s. I haven’t put my LockLaces in them yet, so I don’t know if that will make a difference or not – I really hope it does. So that sucks and might be a deal breaker.

You can see the sole of GoRun Ride2 in back of the GoRun Ride3, which make me think that the 3's are not as wide as the 2's and they don't feel as wide when I am wearing them either.
You can see the sole of GoRun Ride2 in back of the GoRun Ride3, which make me think that the 3’s are not as wide as the 2’s and they don’t feel as wide when I am wearing them either.

The fortunate part – The redesign in the outsole does not pick up any small rocks and I definitely went where it has been a problem before.

The orange sole is from a GoRun Ride 2 and the White from my new GoRun Ride 3's
The orange sole is from my GoRun Ride 2’s (after over 400 miles) and the White from my new GoRun Ride 3’s

I like the feel of the shoe when running, that part they got right. Initially the redesigned heel unit felt like it might be a blister waiting to happen, but after I twisted them around a bit and stretched them out, during the run, they felt fine, during the run.

Comparing between the Ride 2 and 3 heel design
Comparing between the Ride 2 and 3 heel design

Overall, in my opinion the appearance of the shoes from the 2 to 3 is much improved.

Comparing GR Ride 2 to the GR Ride 3
Comparing GR Ride 2 to the GR Ride 3

How did the run go?

Yes, I know I ran my long run yesterday and today was supposed to be my day off, but with the weather supposed to be really crappy tomorrow and finally getting the opportunity to try out my new Skechers GoRun Ride 3’s, I decided to go ahead and run tomorrow’s run today and take tomorrow off.

I was supposed to do a 60-70 minute run.

The GoRun 3’s feel slightly different from the GRR 2’s, not in a bad or a good way, just different and it took about a mile to get the feel for them. I didn’t push or try to run fast during the run, but more than a couple of times, I found myself picking up the pace without realizing it and each time I realized it had to pull back. That is one of the reasons why it is such an uneven pacing on the below chart.

Garmin Stats 11-30-13
Garmin Stats 11-30-13

I just ran my long run yesterday, so I didn’t want to push too hard today, even though I felt pretty good. This unconscious speeding up was a good indicator that these should do just fine as far as going faster goes.

Unfortunately, at about the 5 mile point, my right tailor’s bunionette began that familiar nasty feeling of discomfort that happens when a running shoe is too narrow and usually between 6 and 8 miles it moves to being painful. Luckily today that didn’t happen and it just stayed uncomfortable through 7 miles. So I am hoping that moving to LockLaces and changing to a thinner sock will make enough of a difference that I can run long runs in the these shoes.

Otherwise these shoes are pretty much useless to me.

Time will tell.

For a first run I am happy and disappointed at the same time. Happy that the shoes were comfortable and seemed to have several improvements that I was looking for in things that I was hoping would be fixed/improved.

Unfortunately, it feels and seems that the GRR 3’s are a little narrower in the toe box than the GRR 2’s, which really sucks. If I cannot run without discomfort to my tailor’s bunionette in the GRR 3’s, it will make me stock up on the GRR 2’s and start looking for a shoe with a narrow heel and wider toe box, yet again.

8 thoughts on “First Look and Run in Skechers GoRun Ride 3s

  1. Well … I’m happy AND sad 🙂 Like you mentioned in your ‘shoe rant’ post, these changes in the fit are rather bizarre – and in the end they take people who COULD be loyal and alienate them.

    I really hope the GRR 3’s work out for you …

    1. I know, one of the drawing points of the Skechers were the wider toe box, so it is a little disappointing with the way they now fit me, but I can always find the GRR 2’s for a while longer and supposedly the GoRun3’s are wider, so I do not know. Just hope that putting locklaces in do the trick.

    1. I know they are very wide, but with my tailor’s bunionette, the Ride 3, with the new placement of the overlay, just didn’t work for me, like the Ride 2’s did. It was really too bad, because I thought I had found “my” shoes in the GR Ride series. I will be pick up a few pair of Ride 2’s to keep around and then try to find another brand/style that works for me as well as the 2’s did. At least I hope to 🙂

    1. Yes it does, if they had stayed with minimal overlays on the upper, I would still be running in them, because otherwise I really liked them. I am hoping that the 4’s change the uppers to get rid of the overlay placement. I hope your luck continues and they keep working for you, because I do like them still, but I just can not run in this update. 😦

      1. It’s funny – I have seen on RunBlogger site a bunch of interest now that the Saucony Kinvara 5 has been announced coming in the spring about the good and bad potential changes … with most men wanting them to basically go back to the Kinvara 3 and women hoping they stick with the design of the 4 … definitely hard to make everyone happy! 🙂

      2. It sure is. My displeasure with the GRR3 was very specific, they went from a minimalist upper and put a huge overlay, right where my tailor’s bunionette meets the upper. Otherwise, I thought the update was a good update and I am looking forward to V4 to see if they go back to their minimalist upper or if they keep the overlay.

        We got a package in last week from a certain online running company, so even though I am not crazy about ordering online, I think the wife took my Christmas wishlist, that I put together a few weeks ago and ordered me a pair of running shoes that I wouldn’t have gotten for myself otherwise, but they were the only ones on my Christmas list :-). So we will see how they fit and if they are what I think they are ;-).

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