Week 3 of my Pre-Marathon Training Plan — 11/29/13


My favorite image from the week that was
My favorite image from the week that was

Week 3 of pre-marathon training is over, you know that building my base mileage thing. How did it go?

Great, outstanding and all those other superlatives we say out loud when something felt like we are making great forward progress. Like I said last week,

This base building is something that I have never done before

I am learning a lot.

1. Speed is not everything.

With this McMillan base mileage module, I am supposed to stay within a certain “easy” pace range 8:06 – 9:08 and I have pretty much stayed within it for most of the 3 weeks I have done it. No speed work, no really going under an 8:00 minute pace (very often) and for the first time, just work on running comfortably.

2. Yes, I can.

I had serious doubts about whether my body could hold up to this mileage, especially the way I was feeling when I started. My Achilles was still hurting more than I wanted to admit and I was just “bulling” my through because I wanted to run so much. However, the running slower gave my Achilles time to heal more, which is what it really needed, instead of constantly being stressed, by running too fast, which I did too much too soon, too often.

3. No, I don’t like

The cold weather. Yes I know that I have to get my ass out the door and run, which means running outside when it is colder than a witch’s tit and the winds pierce whatever you are wearing. I don’t mind running on the treadmill for an hour or so, but beyond that, it really starts to suck and doing long runs on the treadmill are more psychological torture than physical. So, I will continue to run outside, endure the cold and make the best of it.

 Week’s Summary

Week ending 11-15-13

RunLog Weekly Summary
RunLog Weekly Summary

56.21 miles for the week, which is 2 weeks in a row over 50 miles! All the runs were in the planned time for the run and all the paces were in the “comfortable range – even the two treadmill runs which I typically tend to push the pace a little/lot more than I plan to.

A very good week in the books and even though I am a bit tired, it is a good tired.


Skechers GoRun Ride2’s (Orange/Gray) My Skechers have 402.59 miles on them and it is definitely time to rotate in a new pair of running shoes. My legs are starting to feel more tired after running for an hour than they did when they had fewer miles and when it was warmer out. When I get my GoRun Ride 3’s, I am planning to move these to being my treadmill shoes and retiring the GoRun2’s to lawn service.

My original GR Ride 2’s (Blue/White) now have well over 500 mile of combined walking/running on them, while they are beginning to show some wear, they still have a lot of walking wear left on them and if I had to I would not hesitate to take them on a 10 mile run.

My GoRun2’s are being retired, they are just a little too minimal for my tastes, but are still very comfortable for walking or doing yard work.

New Balance 1010 — No trail runs this week



The Achilles is doing fine, with very little pain or even discomfort in it, so that is huge progress. I have had some achiness in my hips, which is better when I remember to do my mobilization exercises, so it isn’t anything serious and my right knee is barking a little, but not very much and isn’t really anything to worry about.

The reality is that

This McMillan/Shaw training base mileage training module is continuing to work for me.

I am “easily” meeting the module’s running requirements, I mostly moved to the middle or upper end of the time range. I am undecided about whether I will repeat this module or not. I am leaning more towards moving to the next one as planned, I have stayed within the time/pace of the plan without too many problems and with a cut-back week this upcoming week, so I feel pretty confident about moving on.


Next Week's Plan
Next Week’s Plan

2 thoughts on “Week 3 of my Pre-Marathon Training Plan — 11/29/13

  1. I’m really enjoying your blog. We’re about the same age( old), and your idea of a base phase is also what I need after a poor summer(medical issues). I’ll aim for a May 1/2 M. Keep up the good work.

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