November 2013 – Time to Begin Agin

Marathon Training Guide 2014 pg 1
Marathon Training Guide 2014 pg 1

November was my begin agin month.

I started my pre-marathon training and am using the program/modules developed by Greg McMillan in You (Only Faster). This month was all about doing something that I have never really done correctly – establish my mileage base.

The last 2 weeks have been over 50 miles each and the part that is/was difficult for me, was that I didn’t try to do speedwork at the same time I was trying to “up” my mileage.

Yes, I admit that I did a few miles a little quicker than my 8:06 to 9:08 planned range, but the majority of my runs since I started this training plan have been within those paces.

Going slower is allowing my body to adapt to the higher mileage and more time on my feet. It is hard for me to not go “slower”, but I can’t argue with the results and it is working.

My Skecher GoRun Ride 2’s have over 400 miles on them and I really needed to rotate in another pair of running shoes and thought that the GoRun Ride 3’s would be the natural progression. Unfortunately, while Skechers did make several improvements to the 3’s that I liked, they made a couple of changes that I just couldn’t get around. Continue reading “November 2013 – Time to Begin Agin”