November 2013 – Time to Begin Agin

Marathon Training Guide 2014 pg 1
Marathon Training Guide 2014 pg 1

November was my begin agin month.

I started my pre-marathon training and am using the program/modules developed by Greg McMillan in You (Only Faster). This month was all about doing something that I have never really done correctly – establish my mileage base.

The last 2 weeks have been over 50 miles each and the part that is/was difficult for me, was that I didn’t try to do speedwork at the same time I was trying to “up” my mileage.

Yes, I admit that I did a few miles a little quicker than my 8:06 to 9:08 planned range, but the majority of my runs since I started this training plan have been within those paces.

Going slower is allowing my body to adapt to the higher mileage and more time on my feet. It is hard for me to not go “slower”, but I can’t argue with the results and it is working.

My Skecher GoRun Ride 2’s have over 400 miles on them and I really needed to rotate in another pair of running shoes and thought that the GoRun Ride 3’s would be the natural progression. Unfortunately, while Skechers did make several improvements to the 3’s that I liked, they made a couple of changes that I just couldn’t get around.

  • Comparing GR Ride 2 to the GR Ride 3
    Comparing GR Ride 2 to the GR Ride 3

    there is now a support strap over where my tailor’s bunionette is on the outside of my right forefoot.

  • it seemed as though the Ride 3’s were slightly narrower than the 2’s

Due to those last two factors, I just couldn’t comfortably wear the Ride 3’s on my 7.0 mile initial runs and they re-aggravated my tailor’s bunionette, causing discomfort/pain, when I just wore them around the house, so I returned them.

I did find another pair of running shoes to add into my shoe rotation and it was actually a pretty big surprise, but that will be tomorrow’s post and that is what I spent most of the afternoon doing, instead of watching the Patriots win today.


November Running Summary
November Running Summary

I had 219.20 miles running in November and another 95.25 walking for a total of 314.45 running/walking, which is my biggest month’s combined total of the year. It is a lot of mileage on my legs in a month, but surprisingly, I felt pretty good despite the 40 mile increase this month. Sure I was a little tired at times, but it wasn’t horrible and as I am getting more used to this level of mileage/time running, it seems to be getting easier, than it was at the start of the program.

This going slower and actually following a plan, seems to be working a lot better than my old haphazard method of just doing what I felt like. It is amazing how quickly the body adapts, to an increased workload, especially when you do it correctly.


My left Achilles tendon is still healing – slowly but surely. The slower and more steady/consistent pacing has given my Achilles a chance to strengthen itself and is not bothering me nearly s much. I still need to do my mobilization exercises and massage out the spaghetti strings that are still there, but it is a lot better.

Running Gear

Skechers GoRun Ride 2’s – I now have over 400 miles on my GoRun Ride 2’s (Orange/Gray) and they have been great shoes, but I am starting to notice more aches and pains in the legs, which are an indicator for me that it is almost time to start another pair as my primary running shoes.

The wear on soles has been better than I expected and they do a great job of letting me forget they are there during my long runs, even with the higher mileage that I have on them.

The orange sole is from a GoRun Ride 2 and the White from my new GoRun Ride 3's
The orange sole is from a GoRun Ride 2 and the White from new GoRun Ride 3’s


No Races in November – just running. I had a couple of opportunities, but I really just didn’t feel like racing.

The reality is that

November was my month to re-start training for a spring marathon. Yes, I have picked out the one that I want to do, but want to wait until January to see if my body can handle my pre-marathon training regimen or not. I do not want to commit completely, until I find that out, but with my experiences this month, I am optimistic that I will be just fine.

My HUGE concern is finding replacement running shoes for my Skecher GoRun Ride2’s, now that I know that the Ride3’s will not work for me, that I CAN run my long runs in.

In other words, put ’em on and forget about them.

I found a pair that I am going to try and will be writing about that tomorrow, but it was frustrating for me to find a pair of running shoes that I loved and then the brand makes some “improvements” to “my” running shoe that makes it so I can not use the new version of my favorite running shoe. I will stock up when I find the GRR Ride 2’s that fit, but that is not the point and to be honest, it pissed me off, when I started feeling that discomfort/pain that I didn’t have to worry about for the past 5 months, while I was running in the GRR Ride 2’s.

Oh well, I am looking forward to running about the same mileage next month and have to decide after this week, if I want to re-do the base mileage module or do I want to move on to the workout base module. I want to move on, but at the same time, is one month of building a base enough of something that I have never done correctly before?

Maybe it is time for me to be conservative and contain my “need for speed”. I have vacillated back and forth for a while now on which direction I should go.

Hopefully, my next new shoes, do as well as I think they will.

2 thoughts on “November 2013 – Time to Begin Agin

  1. I completely understand so much of your post. I’ve also picked out my Spring marathon and am hoping to start training soon, but just hate to jinx myself right now with talking about it much, until I see how I’m feeling by January 🙂 Let’s have faith that we’ll see these Spring marathons through!

    1. Thanks Christina – It isn’t so much jinxing myself as much, just not knowing how well my Achilles will hold up, it seems to be doing great, but…I still don’t have as much confidence as I would like yet. It will be interesting to see how well we do 🙂

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