Disappointed – Frustrated and a Surprise

Huh – What in the world are you talking about Harold?


I had such high hopes for the Skechers GoRun Ride3’s, after having GREAT experiences with both pair of my GR Ride 2’s. Unfortunately, while the Skechers Performance Division made several improvements that I really liked, they also made a couple of changes that made it so I returned them today, even though I only ran in them once.

  • there is now a support strap over where my tailor’s bunionette is on the outside of my right forefoot.
  • it seemed as though the Ride 3′s were slightly narrower than the 2′s
Comparing GR Ride 2 to the GR Ride 3
Comparing GR Ride 2 to the GR Ride 3

The placement of the overlay/support strap went right across my bunionette, which aggravated it even when I was simply walking around the house later Saturday and the next morning.

Another contributing factor was that it seems to me that the GR Ride3’s are not as wide in the forefoot as the Ride2, which exacerbated the problems with the bunionette. Yes, I tried different lacing patterns and put in my solution for many shoes – LockLaces and none of those solutions resolved the discomfort that eventually becomes pain during longer runs. Continue reading “Disappointed – Frustrated and a Surprise”