CMS Group Run and a Little More – RunLog 12-4-13

Today was the Central Maine Striders’ weekly “nooner” run that starts over at the Alfond Youth Center in Waterville.

Central Maine Striders Group Run at the Alfond Youth Center 12-4-13
Central Maine Striders Group Run at the Alfond Youth Center 12-4-13

Greg, Barry and Patrick showed up (yes I was there taking the picture) ready to run. Patrick had meeting at 1:00 so we had to hustle up and decided to do only 4 or so.

Unfortunately, I am the old, slow guy of this bunch – you know that anchor that drags everyone back. All I know is that this was the fastest run I have done outside since the Rise ‘n Shine 5K back in September. The “young” guns (they are all younger than I am, even though Greg isn’t that far away at less than a decade back), pushed this old fart pretty damn hard. Continue reading “CMS Group Run and a Little More – RunLog 12-4-13”

A Different Look at Running in Winter

Winter in Maine
Winter in Maine

I am getting to be a grizzled old fart, who has done a lot of stupid shit, while running in the winter-time. Most of the time I have not had too many problems getting back to where I started in one piece, other times I have made mistakes, ah hell Iet’s just say it like it is – I F#@&’ed up and had to find a place to get inside or relied on someone else to make sure I was safe.

In other words I got lucky, nothing too bad happened to me. Well nothing that a good unthawing and a hot drink couldn’t take care of.

What in the hell are you talking Harold?

Running outside in the winter, is dangerous as hell, if you do not respect it.

To put it in the words of a winter survival instructor that I used to know.

You can either be smart and enjoy the winter or you can fuck up and die, it is that simple and most of the time, completely up to you!

I don’t usually use the f-bomb here, but says what needs to be said in this situation.

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