A Good 10 Mile Plus 1 – RunLog 12-6-13

Selfie after 12-6-13 run
Selfie after 12-6-13 run

I really only wanted to do 10.0 miles today, it is my cut-back week and I wanted to do 10 miles less than I did last week, but still wanted/needed to do between 90 and 105 minutes for this run, if I wanted to stay with the plan.

It was actually a pretty good day to run, low 40’s, no wind to speak of and cloudy, so I ran in shorts, with calf compression sleeves, along with a tech undershirt, l/s tech & my light running jacket.

I dressed just about perfect for me, but if it had been a race, I would have ditched the jacket and just used gloves, not the converta gloves (which were too warm).

Being able to run in this lighter gear, also meant that I didn’t feel weighed down and just ran comfortably, well after the first mile or so, comfortably hard.

When I got to the 6.0 mile point, I noted that I was a ways ahead of that 90 minute total that I was looking for and needed to add another mile on, so I went down around Bond Brook, instead of just going through the front of the Civic Center/MarketPlace, like I originally planned.

As you can see, I did really good through the 10 miles that I had planned. Continue reading “A Good 10 Mile Plus 1 – RunLog 12-6-13”