Week 4 of my Pre-Marathon Training Plan — 12-7-13



Selfie after 12-6-13 run
Selfie after 12-6-13 run

Week 4 of pre-marathon training is over, you know that building my base mileage thing that I am still doing.

How did it go?

The week had some really great stuff and a couple of disappointments.

Great Stuff

First I was able to cut-back my time/mileage and almost made my goal of being 10 miles less than last week. So I didn’t feel nearly as tired as I have been. I am learning that cut-back weeks are necessary and need to be a part of how I train, I have a feeling that a 10-15 mile weekly reduction is about right for me at this mileage as a cut-back.

Second – I haven’t lost all of my speed, I can still get under an 8:00 minute pace and feel like I have plenty to go faster if I wanted to. That is the beauty of running with the fast ones on during the CMS “nooner” group runs on Wednesday – I get a reality check about where I actually am in my progress. Also I did pretty damn good on my planned 10 miler yesterday.

No speed is not everything, but at the same time, every once in a while, even during a base mileage build-up it is nice to blow the pipes a little to see where you are. Continue reading “Week 4 of my Pre-Marathon Training Plan — 12-7-13”