How was My Year of Running – 2013

Running at the 2013 Joseph's 5K
Running at the 2013 Joseph’s 5K – photo by Sue Morris

Each year Amanda over at Miss Zippy blog, puts together a series of questions to get us thinking about how our year has been.

What was your:

  • Best race experience?
  • Best run?
  • Best new piece of gear?  
  • Best piece of running advice you received?
  • Most inspirational runner? 
  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?

Here are my answers to her questions:

  • Best race experience?
    The 25th Annual Joseph’s 5K in Fairfield, back in April, I ran a post-55 PR and finished 4th overall. However, it really wasn’t about how I did that made this race the best race experience, the best part of the race was seeing people who I hadn’t seen for a while and the whoopie pies I got for winning my age group. Julie you did a GREAT job as race director for this race and everyone who volunteered to help out was awesome!

    Quarry Road Trail Race Series. Even though I didn’t run in a single race, it was definitely the best race experience that I had this year. It was a weekly trail race series that I volunteered to help with at Quarry Road from June to August, while I was injured.

    I got to meet so many great people during the series, many of which I still see, friended on Facebook and some I run with now. I got to see running from a different side and give back to the sport that I love, which is something that I believe we all need to do.

    Racing to me is doing your best during a race, then interacting and enjoying the company of those who are at the race either as runners, spectators or volunteers. Racing to me is becoming more about the people we meet there and how we treat one another that makes the race experience great or not, not time you run or where you place.

  • Best run?
    Although it ended in a partial tear of my Achilles tendon, without a doubt it was the The Miles for Mills 5K Race on May 27th. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I think that that post says it all and yes I would do it again, even knowing what the result would be.
  • Best new piece of gear?  
    Timex Ironman Watch. I know going old school and back to a simpler time. I got this as a present and found it invaluable when I was coming back from my injuries. It allowed me to just focus on running, instead of worrying about my pace, splits and all that other stuff that we worry about during a run, when we wear a GPS watch. I still use it on my recovery run days or runs that I really just want to relax and not worry about anything but the run during the run and still have the time to put in my running log.

    Skechers GoRun Ride 2 running shoes, they did everything I wanted from a pair of running shoes. I just thought that shoes are a different group and deserve their own mention.

  • Best piece of running advice you received? .
    Be who you are now, not someone else or who you used to be. Comparing what you do as a runner at 56 to what you did at 26 makes no sense and is not productive to being the runner you can be now.
  • Most inspirational runner?

    Travis Mills – a disabled veteran that I met on May 27th at the Miles for Mills 5K in April.

    The picture says more than I ever will
    Travis Mills in the Miles for Mills 5K

    The picture says it all. Any words I try to use would only diminish what he is doing.

  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be
  1. Patience – to know that having an injury is not the end of the world. That even though it doesn’t seem possible you can and will return from it, sooner if you have the correct mindset/attitude and be willing to follow the PT’s recommendation (well for the most part).
  2. Maturity – Learning to grudgingly accept that as you get older, you have to change expectations and especially training methods to keep improving or even keep running. It sucks, but it is the way things work whether you like it or not.

Actually, it has been a pretty amazing year, that has had highs and lows, problems and injuries to overcome, along with time to just enjoy life. There have been a lot of changes this year and as the year comes to an end, I am very happy with the direction that those changes are taking me.

I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be an amazing year and that the things I learned and the strength gained (both mentally and physically) will help me become a better runner and person in 2014 and beyond.

9 thoughts on “How was My Year of Running – 2013

  1. I love this! I’ve only been running for a couple of years and it’s hard not to let my struggles with injuries and illness dampen my spirit. At 39, I’m certainly not old, but my body probably can’t do the same things it could have if I’d started at 19. You’re an inspiration. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sharon 🙂 you are making me blush. Injuries and “stuff” happens, it is all about how we react to it. Yes you will feel down, but the important thing is to get back up, get back out there as soon as you can (sometimes sooner than the medical professionals would want – at least in my case), be more than a little stubborn, show a great deal of flexibility and you can overcome most anything. At 39 you are just getting going and will have a LOT of great things happen that will make you smile.

    1. It took me a long time to learn that one and all too often, I forget about it and have to be brought back down to reality. Those 60 second quarter repeats and intervals, just are not in my future, like they are in my past. hehehhee 🙂

  2. What an incredible inspirational runner you featured. And so glad you are back to health–I am looking forward to that place myself. Which brings me to your number two. Yes, that.

    1. Travis is an inspiration of that there is no doubt. I am putting more joy into my running and starting to look at things differently and I believe it is for the better. Hopefully the change in focus that I seem to be doing results in a less injured me :-). Maturity gives you a different perspective that is for sure, but it is a lot better than the alternative and you know something, I do believe that I am happier now than I was 20 years ago :-). You do see things very differently.

  3. Looking back on a year is a funny thing – because it often forces to realize that we would not have grown without the obstacles we’ve been cursing! You mention patience and maturity, and the gains you had made there – and also running the Travis Mills race, which would definitely fall into the ‘not medically advised’ category (though I TOTALLY agree with your reasons for running!). But had you NOT run the race, exacerbating your injury … would you have gained the patience and maturity this year?

    1. Yes what is say is so true, to be honest if I had not had the Achilles tendon injury, I probably would have finished my training for MCM, gone finished the race, continued to do social media marketing at a “sort of” I am doing it level I had been doing and wandered around going through the motions of believing that was the way it was supposed to be. Instead the injury really forced me to look at what I was doing and change the things that were not really where I wanted to go or who I wanted to be. I have a couple of more decisions to make over the next few weeks to complete that process and once I make those I have a feeling that I will be heading in the correct direction for me.

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