Central Maine Striders Group Run – RunLog 12-11-13

CMS Course Map 12-11-13
CMS Course Map 12-11-13

Another Central Maine Striders “nooners” group run yesterday – at noon ;-). The usual suspects were there Barry, Greg, Patrick an myself. Not a bad winter day to run, just a bit breezy up through Colby.

As usual I was the drag on the group, especially until we got to the top of the hill past Colby, yes “they” hehehhe had to wait for me at the Rice Rips Road turn off, but it was all good. I figure that they need a slower run at least once week, so I don’t really worry about slowing them down and it is more of a “running” joke with us than anything, that I am so much slower than they are.

It would be nice to get a few more runners, who are closer to my “speed” and abilities, so I don’t have to put Wednesday’s on my training schedule as a speed workout or tempo run (which is actually a good thing for me – even though I do whine a little, well a lot), but really the guys are cool about waiting up for the old fart.

Here are the Garmin stats.

Garmin Stats 12-11-13, CMS Group Run
Garmin Stats 12-11-13, CMS Group Run

I admit it, I struggled going up the hills, but was better than I have been, but after we went up Mayflower, the wind was in our face and after the hill I just didn’t have the focus on running that I needed for a few minutes. After we got to the top of hill, I did a lot better. I like the Nike Free’s for going downhills, they just seem to help me run better downhill than the Skechers did.

We did pick up the pace over he last mile or so, but it wasn’t at race pace for the other guys, but it was pretty damn close for me. Good workout though!

I did learn that if I am going to eat a HoneyStinger waffle before the run, that I need to do it at least 1/2 hour before and take some water with it, not 5 minutes before on an empty stomach. I don’t think that heavy feeling in my gut helped too much the first couple of miles.

If you would like to join us to run, just show up at the Alfond Youth Center at noon on most Wednesdays. There is great conversation, good company and a fun workout, as long as you don’t mind having me around for comic relief and someone to laugh at from time-to-time. My natural clumsiness has shown through a couple of times and needless to say it was comical.

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