Another Treadmill Long Run – RunLog 12-13-13

I am really getting wimpy in my dotage!

However, after walking Bennie this morning and battling that brutal wind, wasn’t much chance of doing my Friday long run. There just wasn’t any way that I would enjoy being outside for almost 2 hours running in wind chills somewhere around 0-F.

I would normally run up to around 5.0 miles in this stuff, but that would be about it, running 11-13 no thank you. The base mileage plan I have been doing, really doesn’t have anything that short, so with this weather, I have been limited pretty much to the treadmill on more than a few runs lately. Which, to be honest sucks. I would much rather run outside, but want the wind chills a little higher first.

So I needed to go to Champions and pound on the treadmill until they kicked me off. Luckily the gym resembled a ghost town and no one said anything about me going over the 30 minute time limit, by just a bit.

Treadmill Run 12-13-13
Treadmill Run 12-13-13

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Treadmill 9.0 Miler – RunLog 12-12-13

Treadmill 12-12-13
Treadmill 12-12-13

It seems that I am getting into a bad habit, writing up my RunLog post the day after it happens.

Oh well, life just gets in the way sometimes of blogging or is that I get lazier as the evening goes along, which is not a bad thing.

With the wind chills, it was definitely down in the single digits with the wind chill. Hell the dog didn’t even want to stay out for more than 20 minutes and then when we got home, he was shaking so bad that I wrapped him up in a blanket and put him on my lap, he cuddled up and took about 10 minutes before he stopped shaking. He was snoring nicely after that, until I had to get up and he had to move.

Based on that experience, I decided to do a treadmill workout.

Initially I was going to do a steady 70 minute run, but as the run went along, I felt pretty good and turned it into a late stage Progression Run Continue reading “Treadmill 9.0 Miler – RunLog 12-12-13”