Winter Trail Run at UMA – RunLog 12-17-13

IMG_20131217_143716_893I. JUST. COULD. NOT. DO. IT.

I couldn’t get on the treadmill again today, I needed more variety than the people watching I was doing at the gym.

As much as I do not like below zero weather/wind chills, I had to get outside and run. I couldn’t run around the house, the roads were still a little too icy, narrow, with too many vehicles (going too fast for the conditions) and I got to see how down back was while walking with Bennie earlier.

Neither was an option that I wanted to do.

That left me a choice, go run around Colby, the Rail Trail in Augusta or something that I really got excited about when I thought about it. Running the trails over at UMA in Augusta.

The trails are not really that technical and it usually is fairly well-traveled, so I expected paths to run on and a fairly easy trail run.

I was mistaken. Continue reading “Winter Trail Run at UMA – RunLog 12-17-13”