20 Pair of Running Shoes in 2013 – Oh My

IMG_20131103_150241_796In December, I put together a reflection/review post of the running shoes that I ran in during the past year.

First I want to make something very clear, I am not a minimalist running shoe guy, I don’t like ‘em all that much for either running or walking.

While at the same time, I am not into the traditional, heavy industry standard shoes that the “experts” and/or sales people tend to recommend for me when I go to specialty running stores either, because of my heavy over-pronation issues.

Another major reason in choosing a running shoe is that my right foot has bothered me for several years and finally in June the specialist, told me that I had a tailor’s Bunionette and offered to surgically fix it, so it would not be an issue anymore. I declined, but at least I know that there is a reason for my right foot being so finicky when it comes to my running shoes.

I have more than a couple of things that I have learned to look (primarily through trial and error) for in running shoes that I want to run. Continue reading “20 Pair of Running Shoes in 2013 – Oh My”

Nike Free 4.0 v3 – 50 Mile Review

Nike Free 4.0 v3
Nike Free 4.0 v3

Well actually it is more like 75 mile review, but oh well, I wanted to do a few more miles in them before I wrote about the Nike Free 4.0v3 to be sure of how I was feeling about them.

Why, Harold you have run in the Free series before (3 times), so you knew pretty much what to expect when running in them – right?

Yeah, but…

The more I run in them, the more ambivalent I am about them. I like many things about them and then again, I am starting to “remember” why I did not keep running in the Nike Free’s.

Let’s back up for a minute.

I got the Nike Free 4.0 v3 more because I needed wanted a pair running shoe’s now and they had worked for me in the past. Not because I was all hot and bothered to go out and get another pair of Nike Free’s.

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