Starting a New Training Module – RunLog 12-30-13

I have finished the McMillan base mileage module and today I started their Workout Base module, which means that running FAST is part of the training plan again. Today’s workout was based around doing 10 laps of 100m w/100m jog at 19-21 seconds.

According to the McMillan training system, I am a Speedster and supposedly get energized by running faster – Yep they are right. I loved being able to run fast for short distances today, it brought back a lot of old memories.

  • 1.0 mile @ 7.6 mph — approximately 7.54 pace
  • 1.0 mile @ 7.7 mph — approximately 7.48 pace
  • .25 mile @ 7.8 mph — approximately 7.42 pace
  • .25 mile @ 7.9 mph — approximately 7.36 pace
  • .25 mile @ 8.0 mph — approximately 7.30 pace
  • .25 mile @ 8.1 mph — approximately 7.24 pace

Time: 23:17/3.0 miles

  • 11 x .15 mile @ 7.2 mph – alternating in the fast repeat — approximately 8:20 pace
  • 11 x .10 mile @ 11.0 mph — approximately 5:27 pace
  • 1 x .15 mile @ 7.2 mph
  • 1 x .10 mile @ 11.5 mph — approximately 5:13 pace


  • Distance: 6.0
  • Time: 44:10
  • Pace: 7:22
  • Shoes: Pearl Izumi EM/N2

When I first saw this workout I was more than a little intimidated by it, but after I played around on Saturday with going faster, in the back of my mind I was actually looking forward to running fast being a part of “the plan”. Once I got past the first 3.0 miles and was getting ready to start the first fast repeat, I could feel my heart rate going up in anticipation.

I know that instead of 100m, I was doing .10 of a mile and my rest points were a little longer at .15, but it just made the run easier for me to keep track of.

The fast paced part of the run once I got to doing them were not too bad. I felt strong and almost, almost was having fun while running fast, especially for just a short distance. This definitely reminded me of some training that I used to do back when I was training as a sprinter in High School.

Today’s plan only called for 10 repeats and I did 12, again more for ease of tracking.

I was very impressed with the Pearl Izumi EM/N2’s during the entire run, especially the faster portions. They didn’t get in the way and didn’t feel squishy. During the run, I forgot that I had them on and focused only on running, not how my feet were feeling, which is what I want from my running shoes.

After the run was over, my hamstrings felt a little tight, but I am doing something that I haven’t done for a while and expect to have a few little aches.

It did feel good to be running fast for short distances again for a change. This was one of those very good workouts that I hope to be able to repeat again. Now if I could only run these paces for a 5K, that would make this crazy old fart pretty damn happy.

Well I can dream can’t I?

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