Long Run to Augusta – RunLog 1-31-14

Looking out from the Rt 3 Bridge in Augusta
Looking out from the Rt 3 Bridge in Augusta

What a difference temps above freezing make.

No it wasn’t quite shorts weather, but close.

It was low to mid 30’s, but the 10 mph breeze in my face most of the way made me glad that I put on my tights, but I didn’t have to use my winter running jacket, opting instead for a couple of layers and a Saucony DryLyte top. After a 8.0 miles I put the gloves away and didn’t put them on again.

It felt so good to run without carrying around an extra 5 pounds of clothes on. Continue reading “Long Run to Augusta – RunLog 1-31-14”

Finally A Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 1-30-14

Sorry, I got reading a book last night and wanted to finish it, so my recap of yesterday’s run got delayed until this morning.

Yesterday was a great winter day, the temps were in the mid-20’s with a 5-10 mph breeze out of the south, with bright sunshine.

Running on the snowmobile trail
Running on the snowmobile trail

Yes, I finally got to run on the snowmobile trails up back!!!! Yeah, yippee and all that other stuff.

There was enough snow on them that it was safe to run.    Continue reading “Finally A Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 1-30-14”

CMS Group Run Cold but Sunny – RunLog 1-28-14

I know 16F and feels like 16F (the temp app said 0 wind – well it lied, there was a 5-10 mph breeze), so it was not warm, but at the same in comparison to subzero temps, at least it is pretty runnable. Oh Fred’s Coffee said it was 27, but that was in direct sunlight and it sure didn’t feel like 27F. Enough about the weather – it seems that is about all we talk about this year –  well for good reason.

Course Map 1-29-14
Course Map 1-29-14

It was only Barry and I today, but it was still a good run. I wasn’t sure how I would do after yesterday’s tough interval/speed work session and really wasn’t expecting a lot. I do know that the hills hurt a lot more than usual.    Continue reading “CMS Group Run Cold but Sunny – RunLog 1-28-14”

One of those Elusive Great Runs – RunLog 1-28-14

Treadmill 1-28-14
Treadmill 1-28-14

I didn’t feel like dealing with icy roads and single-digit temps again today. Like most everyone else I am tired of the cold and ice and just wanted a decent run, where I didn’t have to bundle up to ridiculous levels, to stay somewhat warm and not be constantly on guard and focused to avoid falling on my ass.

Which meant going to Champions and running on the treadmill.

I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I stepped on the treadmill, I missed my speed workout yesterday, but had a nice 7+ miler in the ice/freezing rain yesterday (see post).

I used the size 8.5 Pearl Izumi N2 Roads and they felt great. They did everything I wanted and did not bother or get in the way of my running faster than I have in a long time.

After the first mile, I knew that today’s run was going to be one of those days/workouts where running just felt “right” and decided to go for it. Continue reading “One of those Elusive Great Runs – RunLog 1-28-14”

A Surprise Outside Run – RunLog 1-27-14

Today’s plan had me going to the gym and doing 1 minute by 10-12 Fartlek repeats with 1 minute recovery between. Only one problem.

Freezing Rain on snow
Freezing Rain on snow

Yeah freezing rain on top of less than an inch of snow. Not something that I enjoy driving on, but strangely enough walking or running on this today wasn’t an issue.

I found that out when I took Bennie for his morning walk and I wore my old Skechers GoRun Ride 2’s while walking him. They had zero issues as long as I stayed out of the travel lanes (those were slippery, very slippery).

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Five Tips for Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

A great post on giving credit for using other’s works and also thoughts on how to use others ideas, so you are not “stepping” on their works.

Running Around the Bend


Most bloggers read other blogs and get ideas from them, and sometimes use those ideas to jump-start a post of our own. For example, when I did my Five Things Friday this past week, I noted I shamelessly stole the idea from Megan. At the moment I decided I was doing a post similar to what Megan was doing, I had the opportunity to take either the right or wrong path. I believe I did the right thing, but wanted to give some thoughts about how to avoid doing things wrong.

There are few worse things as a professional than having your work stolen. I have had the wonderful experience TWICE of having to battle for control of intellectual property I created – one time successfully and the other time my company decided not to pursue action. And as a writer on the internet I had a review of…

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Winter Running Safety Question

Winter has had us in its nasty grip for almost two months now and probably has a couple of more months to go based on how it has gone so far.

Nastiness on Trafton Road
Nastiness on Trafton Road

While I have continued to run, get my miles in and thankfully I have been able to run outside more than I have on the treadmill (a small miracle – jut a little sarcasm there). In other words I have endured the sub-zero cold, icy road conditions and crappy weather that makes winter running so challenging that I  just love and “want” to be out there running freezing my ass off.

Yeah right, give me a nice 50-60F day with sunshine and a light breeze at my back – now that is what I really, really want.


Now it helps that I do have the appropriate clothing and a positive attitude (well most of the time) towards running outside in the winter, but what do I think about before I decide whether to run outside or not? Continue reading “Winter Running Safety Question”

Week In Review – 1/26/14

IMG_20140123_133549_009It has been a good week, even though the weather has been wintry (to say the least), even so, I only ran on the treadmill twice this week, which is as much as I want to do.

I  really do not mind the treadmill, especially when I am attempting to run a certain pace or to do a tough speed workout, but I am not thrilled about it becoming my primary source of running, so I want to keep getting outside as often, even if it is not the best conditions.

Running outside in the winter as long as you have the appropriate running gear/clothes is more a matter of attitude and using common sense (I know some people will say, but I am a runner), when the conditions out there are not safe. It means doing laps or shortening up an outside run or making other concessions to running in winter.

Over the past couple of months I just have not been happy with any of my online training logs and am test driving one that I used back in 2009, but forgot about until Seth Hasty mentioned it on Facebook last week.  Continue reading “Week In Review – 1/26/14”

An Easy 10 Miler – RunLog 1-25-14

An easy 10.0 miler – what  are you talking about Harold. 10.0 Miles is not ever easy for you, you are a short distance guy who is pretending to be a long distance runnah!

It means that I didn’t try to push or run outside of my comfortable pace at all today. I just ran comfortably the entire run:

  • I went slower going through down back
  • I went faster on tar and going downhill
  • I went slower on the dirt covered ice
  • I went slower on the ice-covered tar on Trafton Road
  • I “floated” up hills, instead of attacking them
  • I went faster over the last mile

In other words, I let the run dictate my pace and purposely didn’t look at my Garmin, until I hit stop. Continue reading “An Easy 10 Miler – RunLog 1-25-14”

The Treadmill is My Friend – RunLog 1-24-14

Treadmill 1-24-14
Treadmill 1-24-14

It was just too damn cold for me to do my planned long run outside today. I don’t care what Fred’s Coffee said, our thermometer at home never left single-digits and with the breeze out of the NW, it was an easy decision for me.

Especially after I did Bennie’s long walk this morning and when we got to our short walk turnaround point, he stopped, looked up at me, shook himself and started walking back towards the house. Smart dog and his human is getting smarter too.

I learned my lesson last winter when I became hypothermic on a run last winter (see the post here) and wrote a post about the signs of hypothermia.

Since then I am a lot more aware of what I am getting myself into.

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