Speed Work a Day Late – RunLog 1/7/14

I just didn’t feel like running outside in single-digit weather and winds that brought it under zero. So I waited until a bit before our Central Maine Striders monthly meeting and headed over to Champions Gym to pound on the treadmill for a while.

Downback is just a bit icy
Downback was just a bit icy, windy and a LOT cold!

Earlier in the day, while walking Bennie for his long walk, my left calf felt a little tight, since I am trying to listen closely to my body, I figured that the speed session that I missed yesterday, because of the nasty wet weather, icing and fog, would just be skipped this week.

However, once I got going on the treadmill, the calf didn’t bother at all and by the time I got to the .75 mark, I was ready to try a little speed work.   Continue reading “Speed Work a Day Late – RunLog 1/7/14”