Roads are Still Nasty – But Better – RunLog 1-9-14

I didn’t feel like doing an out and back from the house, I am sick and tired of the treadmill and the snowmobile trails are just a bit too icy to run safely on without wearing a traction device. So I decided to go into Waterville and run from Colby and then come back up Mayflower Hill at the end. Kind of a sick way to end a run, but hey, I have to get used to hills.

This was supposed to be a slow recovery run, especially after the past couple of days. Plus it is still a bit chilly at 22F with a 10 mph breeze for a few sections of the course.

The footing on the side of the road (where I spent most of my time – to avoid playing chicken with the traffic) was dirt covered ice, which meant that I really couldn’t get going all that fast even if I had wanted to. The primary roads were just okay, but secondary roads were really not very much fun to run on.     Continue reading “Roads are Still Nasty – But Better – RunLog 1-9-14”