Roads are Still Nasty – But Better – RunLog 1-9-14

I didn’t feel like doing an out and back from the house, I am sick and tired of the treadmill and the snowmobile trails are just a bit too icy to run safely on without wearing a traction device. So I decided to go into Waterville and run from Colby and then come back up Mayflower Hill at the end. Kind of a sick way to end a run, but hey, I have to get used to hills.

This was supposed to be a slow recovery run, especially after the past couple of days. Plus it is still a bit chilly at 22F with a 10 mph breeze for a few sections of the course.

The footing on the side of the road (where I spent most of my time – to avoid playing chicken with the traffic) was dirt covered ice, which meant that I really couldn’t get going all that fast even if I had wanted to. The primary roads were just okay, but secondary roads were really not very much fun to run on.    

I had to really pay attention, so I wouldn’t land on my butt. Plus in some spots the ice was melting creating slush and puddles, so there was a film of water in many places to make it interesting (slippery and wet = cold feet) and coming up Mayflower Hill at the end of the run, just kicked my butt.

Strava Stats 1-9-14
Strava Stats 1-9-14

This is actually a nice course that has some challenging sections, but usually a lot of flat or rolling hills and a course that I can usually just put it in neutral and run comfortably.

The P/I EM/N2 Roads did better than I thought they would. However, the tread is still a little smooth for winter running in anything that you need some extra grip. They felt good and I can’t wait to get them out on the roads when there isn’t any ice or crap to worry about.

A nice run, that forced me to run slower than I normally would, so I guess it was a good thing. I still tend to run a little too fast on my recovery run days.


6 thoughts on “Roads are Still Nasty – But Better – RunLog 1-9-14

  1. Good job tackling your run on icy roads! I know my recovery runs are sometimes still too fast as well. I find that if I leave my gps at home, I don’t push as hard. I need to seek out some hilly road routes. I’m running a half marathon in NYC Central Park in April. I hear it’s hilly.

    1. Kara – I ran there a few years ago there are some bumps that will get your attention for a couple of minutes but not huge hills, should be a pretty quick course. I know, when I am feeling good, I run my recovery runs too fast and conditions like this or trails are when I tend to get to the pace I am supposed to be running 🙂 Good luck with the half and enjoy the training.

  2. It is funny how when we feel good we ignore what we are supposed to do and just go with it … and when we feel sloggish we push ourselves to tough it out! 🙂

    It is very interesting reading the description you wrote, because it captures again just how mental running can be in conditions like this – your body is more exhausted from all of the work and quick moves, but your mind is even more exhausted!

    1. Mike – Yeah when running in conditions where you are on “alert” for the entire run, I think that it takes a lot more out of us mentally and physically, than one where you can shift into neutral for long periods and just go. I think that is why a race tires me out more than most training runs, even if I am just running the race, not racing it. Just because of the conditions of the event, I am at a different state of alertness. MMMM I wonder if that is part of the reason running on a treadmill is so difficult for some people, because they do not feel comfortable enough to relax and the anxiety of running on a surface that they do not feel completely safe, causes them to stay on high “alert” for the entire time? Mike your question only brings on more questions for me 😉

      1. I *thought* that that might be you running on KMD. I drove past you and gave you a thumbs up 🙂

        I did my 9.2 miles a couple of hours earlier — some ice on the road, some dodging of traffic, but I was out of town so not as much as in Waterville.


      2. Thank Robin – Waterville was pretty bad in spots yesterday, today with that little flurry I decided to just do the treadmill 🙂 again. Congrats on the 9.2 yesterday 🙂

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