CMS Group Run and Hill Repeats – RunLog 1-15-14

Barry & Patrick after the CMS Group Run
Barry & Patrick after the CMS Group Run

Yesterday – yes yesterday, I got busy with life again, after running yesterday and didn’t write-up the run last night. Oh well, the way it goes.

What a gorgeous day! Mid 40’s, just a little breeze – in other words the January Thaw is here and I actually thought about wearing shorts, but at the last-minute chose not to, but I could have.

The only thing that wasn’t fun was avoiding traffic and having to run through the puddles and the left over ice patches.

I got to run with Barry and Patrick, which meant it was a faster run than I usually do ( just over an 8:00 minute pace), even with hurdling puddles, running on left over ice pack and loose dirt/rocks. We avoided Mayflower Hill, went over around First Rangeway and came back along Cool Street (Silver Street was going to be too much traffic and wet).

Patrick had to get back to work, so we only wanted to do around 4.0 miles and ended up doing 4.5, so it was close enough.

Garmin Stats CMS 1-15-14

There is just something so positive about running with someone else, we talked, gabbed and just enjoyed each other’s company.  As fast as the run was, I didn’t feel too bad when it was over.

After the CMS Group run, looking back into the sun
After the CMS Group run, looking back into the sun

After a couple of minutes of walking around, Barry and I headed off to do some hill repeats up Mayflower Hill. We jogged over from the Alfond Youth Center and started at the railroad bridge and since this was the first time for me this year, decided to go to culvert post (about halfway up). My plan originally called for doing 10 repeats, ungh ah – now way – I did half that!

Garmin Stats Hill Repeats 1-15-14
Garmin Stats Hill Repeats 1-15-14

By the time I got to 5, I was toast! On the 5th one, I finally figured out how to run more efficiently uphill, but by then I was done. Sometimes you gotta push through how you are feeling and sometimes you just have to listen to your body and decide to call it a day. 5 hill repeats was enough today and I will be able to run tomorrow, which is the more important thing.

How did the Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails do?

Great, would be the word I would use.

Traction was not an issue especially on the crap that gave me so many problems on Sunday, melted ice pack  with loose crushed ice on top, they drained well and didn’t pick up all kinds of little rocks during the run from the salt and sand on the roads. No issues with my feet, other than being wet, I didn’t really think about how the shoes felt, while I was running. Well I did brag about them a little to the guys towards the end.

After the run(s), I went to Champions and did an upper body weights workout (yes I do weights once in a while, just not consistently) and relaxed in the sauna for 1/2 an hour.

A very good day.

If you are interested in joining us for the Central Maine Striders “nooners” group run, meet us at noon almost every Wednesday. No you don’t have to be fast (we go at different speeds), just be willing to gab a little, have some fun and want to meet other runners.

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