The Tale of Two Runs in One – RunLog 1-17-14

What a great day for a run, low 40’s, some sun, but mostly cloudy and most importantly – very little wind!

Friday’s are my long run day and I usually run to my wife’s work, well she had today off, so I ran into Waterville instead. It was a good choice and the roads were mostly clear until I got to Silver Street in Waterville, then the puddles were creeping out into the travel lane, so I ended up getting a little wet, but that was just about the end of the run, so it wasn’t that big deal.

Still I was glad that I wore the N1 Trails, there was just enough bad spots on the run, that I felt better having the extra traction they give me. That and I also wanted to see how they would do on a long run. Very simply put – no issues, no problems and I came away very impressed with how well they did on mostly tar for a 15+ mile run. They continue to be a very impressive running shoe that is doing everything and anything I have asked of it so far, except for being an ice shoe, but that would be expecting way too much.

Totals 1-17-14
Totals 1-17-14

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