Okay I did 5.0 Miles Outside Today – RunLog 1-22-14

Yes, today was cold, so get over it Harold. Well I admit I wimped out of today’s Central Maine Strider’s Wednesday Noon Run. The idea driving to Waterville and then running in single digit temps with 15-20 mph winds, just didn’t thrill me, so I stayed home, watched the military channel, had some bonding time with Bennie (napped for an hour) and seriously contemplated taking today off.

Weather 1-22-14
Weather 1-22-14

However, tomorrow is supposed to be even colder and I have to go down to Portland, so I am not sure if I will get a chance or will want to run around Back Cove, if the temps are single digit and the wind is howling. Which meant that at around 4:00 PM, I finally got off my butt and went for a run.

After the run 1-22-14
After the run 1-22-14

Yes I dressed for sub-zero wind chills and was very glad that I did. I also did laps and was never more than a quarter-mile from the house – if I got into trouble or felt that the conditions sucked too much. I will admit that running into the wind, to be blunt sucked bad and I was glad that I had just short periods going directly into it. If I had to run into it for a longer run, I would not have run nearly as far.

Stats 1-22-14
Stats 1-22-14

Thanks to Seth Hasty for reminding me of RunningAHEAD – an online training/running log that I used to use a lot in 2009 and I will be using a lot from now on. It took me a long time to find it the last time, then when I injured my knee in February 2010 and couldn’t run – I forgot about it and have searched for a while to find “it” again. I will be writing a post on it later this week. Thanks again Seth.

I know that if I had gone to the gym and run on the treadmill again today, I would have gone faster than the 9:00 minute pace that I did outside this afternoon, so that was a good thing. The run itself was a simple recovery run and the only thing that really sucked was running into the cold wind, but I was dressed appropriately and didn’t stray too far from the house.


2 thoughts on “Okay I did 5.0 Miles Outside Today – RunLog 1-22-14

  1. Jeez Harold, what sort of idiot runs in these types of temperatures! 🙂

    I think our temps and winds from today are yours for tomorrow. Today I was in -20F, tomorrow low wind and only about -2 forecast for my run.

    1. The kind that belongs to the Idiots Running Club ;-), and I know someone else that should join :-). That is what I am afraid of – oh well, I will just have to dress warmer.

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