The Treadmill is My Friend – RunLog 1-24-14

Treadmill 1-24-14
Treadmill 1-24-14

It was just too damn cold for me to do my planned long run outside today. I don’t care what Fred’s Coffee said, our thermometer at home never left single-digits and with the breeze out of the NW, it was an easy decision for me.

Especially after I did Bennie’s long walk this morning and when we got to our short walk turnaround point, he stopped, looked up at me, shook himself and started walking back towards the house. Smart dog and his human is getting smarter too.

I learned my lesson last winter when I became hypothermic on a run last winter (see the post here) and wrote a post about the signs of hypothermia.

Since then I am a lot more aware of what I am getting myself into.

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2 Laps Around Back Cove – RunLog 1-23-14

Selfie - Back Cove1-22-14
Selfie – Back Cove1-22-14

I had to go down to Portland yesterday and while I was there I was going to run Back Cove/Back Bay or whatever the hell you prefer to call it. It is one of my favorite routes down there and one I try to do at least every couple of months.

However, once I got down there and parked, I got looking around in my backpack and figured out that I didn’t have my running jacket.

Now that sucked!

When I got out of vehicle it was still too chilly/windy to run without a shell, so I had a choice:

  1. not run
  2. find/get a new running jacket/shell.

I wanted to run and Portland is full of stores I could go and quickly get a running jacket (in the Fleet Feet Sports – the old Maine Running Company) was just around the bend.

Suddenly there were dreams of sugar plums and a nice new technical running jacket, that just as quickly evaporated, when I thought about how I would have to explain getting a new “premium” running jacket to TheWife – who has put me on a get it only if I absolutely need it running gear diet this year. Continue reading “2 Laps Around Back Cove – RunLog 1-23-14”