An Easy 10 Miler – RunLog 1-25-14

An easy 10.0 miler – what  are you talking about Harold. 10.0 Miles is not ever easy for you, you are a short distance guy who is pretending to be a long distance runnah!

It means that I didn’t try to push or run outside of my comfortable pace at all today. I just ran comfortably the entire run:

  • I went slower going through down back
  • I went faster on tar and going downhill
  • I went slower on the dirt covered ice
  • I went slower on the ice-covered tar on Trafton Road
  • I “floated” up hills, instead of attacking them
  • I went faster over the last mile

In other words, I let the run dictate my pace and purposely didn’t look at my Garmin, until I hit stop. Continue reading “An Easy 10 Miler – RunLog 1-25-14”