Week In Review – 1/26/14

IMG_20140123_133549_009It has been a good week, even though the weather has been wintry (to say the least), even so, I only ran on the treadmill twice this week, which is as much as I want to do.

I  really do not mind the treadmill, especially when I am attempting to run a certain pace or to do a tough speed workout, but I am not thrilled about it becoming my primary source of running, so I want to keep getting outside as often, even if it is not the best conditions.

Running outside in the winter as long as you have the appropriate running gear/clothes is more a matter of attitude and using common sense (I know some people will say, but I am a runner), when the conditions out there are not safe. It means doing laps or shortening up an outside run or making other concessions to running in winter.

Over the past couple of months I just have not been happy with any of my online training logs and am test driving one that I used back in 2009, but forgot about until Seth Hasty mentioned it on Facebook last week.  Continue reading “Week In Review – 1/26/14”