A Surprise Outside Run – RunLog 1-27-14

Today’s plan had me going to the gym and doing 1 minute by 10-12 Fartlek repeats with 1 minute recovery between. Only one problem.

Freezing Rain on snow
Freezing Rain on snow

Yeah freezing rain on top of less than an inch of snow. Not something that I enjoy driving on, but strangely enough walking or running on this today wasn’t an issue.

I found that out when I took Bennie for his morning walk and I wore my old Skechers GoRun Ride 2’s while walking him. They had zero issues as long as I stayed out of the travel lanes (those were slippery, very slippery).

Pearl Izumi N1 Trail footprint - show just a little toe off
Pearl Izumi N1 Trail footprint – show just a little toe off

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut – while I have a 4WD truck and could have driven, I just felt uncomfortable about driving to Champions, so I decided to do my run down back to Goodhue Road. The Pearl Izumi N1 Trails did even better than the Skechers. I didn’t experience any slipping and had good grip the entire run. Very impressive to say the least.

Yes, during the run there was still freezing rain coming down and when I got back my jacket had nice coating of ice on it.

The footprints I left in the snow/ice, showed that toe-off very consistently, each step showed the same pattern and yes I still toe-out with my right foot. Not as bad as I used to, but still very noticeable.

Stats 1-27-14
Stats 1-27-14

The run itself was just a get it done type of run, where I didn’t make an effort to push and just ran comfortably for the conditions. There is just something about running in crappy conditions that make it a lot tougher physically and yes mentally, I get tired much more quickly in this stuff than I do otherwise (as Mike observed in a comment on my Winter Running Questions Post earlier today)

The reality is that

Sometimes you just have to listen to your intuition when it comes to where/when to run. Today I didn’t feel right about going to the gym because of the freezing rain/snow that was happening outside. Normally I don’t even think about running outside in the freezing rain – it is one of those red lights that I don’t go through, but with the snow on the bottom, it actually provided good traction for walking/running, but sucked as far driving goes.

It was really strange that the roads where I live were safer to run on, then they were to drive, that happens very rarely, but today that is how I felt about the conditions outside.

I didn’t have any issues with footing while running outside, so while I didn’t get my speed work in, I did get to enjoy, yes enjoy a nice run outside. Now tomorrow we are supposed to get back into the deep freeze and I might “have” to wander over to Champions and use the treadmill – we will see how it goes.

Pearl Izumi N1 Trail doing what they are supposed to do
Pearl Izumi N1 Trail doing what they are supposed to do

Who knows maybe I will even do the speed work session that I skipped today.

2 thoughts on “A Surprise Outside Run – RunLog 1-27-14

  1. This goes perfectly with your earlier post – some would think it is weird to be able to run when not feeling comfortable driving, but as you noted it was all about staying OUT of the travel lanes! I totally get that! I was very lucky this morning, we had 25F with 25MPH winds, but the crystalline blinding snow hadn’t started yet, so it was just windy. Like you say, the next couple of days will likely be a challenge!

    1. It did didn’t it, sometimes things just work out that way :-). Today was a treadmill day, only a couple more months of the cold, hopefully the real cold will break and we will be able to run a little more comfortably.

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