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Five Tips for Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

A great post on giving credit for using other’s works and also thoughts on how to use others ideas, so you are not “stepping” on their works.

Running Around the Bend


Most bloggers read other blogs and get ideas from them, and sometimes use those ideas to jump-start a post of our own. For example, when I did my Five Things Friday this past week, I noted I shamelessly stole the idea from Megan. At the moment I decided I was doing a post similar to what Megan was doing, I had the opportunity to take either the right or wrong path. I believe I did the right thing, but wanted to give some thoughts about how to avoid doing things wrong.

There are few worse things as a professional than having your work stolen. I have had the wonderful experience TWICE of having to battle for control of intellectual property I created – one time successfully and the other time my company decided not to pursue action. And as a writer on the internet I had a review of…

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