One of those Elusive Great Runs – RunLog 1-28-14

Treadmill 1-28-14
Treadmill 1-28-14

I didn’t feel like dealing with icy roads and single-digit temps again today. Like most everyone else I am tired of the cold and ice and just wanted a decent run, where I didn’t have to bundle up to ridiculous levels, to stay somewhat warm and not be constantly on guard and focused to avoid falling on my ass.

Which meant going to Champions and running on the treadmill.

I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I stepped on the treadmill, I missed my speed workout yesterday, but had a nice 7+ miler in the ice/freezing rain yesterday (see post).

I used the size 8.5 Pearl Izumi N2 Roads and they felt great. They did everything I wanted and did not bother or get in the way of my running faster than I have in a long time.

After the first mile, I knew that today’s run was going to be one of those days/workouts where running just felt “right” and decided to go for it. Continue reading “One of those Elusive Great Runs – RunLog 1-28-14”