Long Run to Augusta – RunLog 1-31-14

Looking out from the Rt 3 Bridge in Augusta
Looking out from the Rt 3 Bridge in Augusta

What a difference temps above freezing make.

No it wasn’t quite shorts weather, but close.

It was low to mid 30’s, but the 10 mph breeze in my face most of the way made me glad that I put on my tights, but I didn’t have to use my winter running jacket, opting instead for a couple of layers and a Saucony DryLyte top. After a 8.0 miles I put the gloves away and didn’t put them on again.

It felt so good to run without carrying around an extra 5 pounds of clothes on. Continue reading “Long Run to Augusta – RunLog 1-31-14”

Finally A Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 1-30-14

Sorry, I got reading a book last night and wanted to finish it, so my recap of yesterday’s run got delayed until this morning.

Yesterday was a great winter day, the temps were in the mid-20’s with a 5-10 mph breeze out of the south, with bright sunshine.

Running on the snowmobile trail
Running on the snowmobile trail

Yes, I finally got to run on the snowmobile trails up back!!!! Yeah, yippee and all that other stuff.

There was enough snow on them that it was safe to run.    Continue reading “Finally A Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 1-30-14”