A Few More Changes

I have changed things up, just a bit around here. I know that I have never been one to stick for a long, long time with a certain theme and I like the brighter ones, with a lot of widgets and crap on the landing page and in the sidebar.

However, when I visit other blogs that use multiple bright colors or too much “stuff” on the sidebar(s), I find them distracting and tend to use browser extensions to cut the distractions or click-out of the tab.

If I do this myself, then how to do people who try to read my colorful blog theme and all those useless widgets feel about them?

  • Probably the same as I do – They cannot or do not really focus on reading what has been written and click-out.

While I am attempting to make my blog, “my blog” and have it show my preference for bright colors and show some of my eclectic personality, I still have to make it so the people who visit A Runnah’s Story, can read the posts without being unnecessarily distracted or frustrated by my choice of colorways.

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Still Freaking Cold – RunLog 2-28-14

My last run in February was done where far too many of my runs have been this winter – on the treadmill.

Weather 2-28-14
Weather 2-28-14

I had planned on doing a run into TheWife’s work today, but with the wind chills in the single digits or below, I just couldn’t bring myself to run for almost 2 hours in those conditions. First, there were safety considerations, which take precedence over anything else and second, my heart just wasn’t in running in that kind of cold today. Continue reading “Still Freaking Cold – RunLog 2-28-14”

Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 2-27-14

Snowmobile Trails 2-27-14
Snowmobile Trails 2-27-14

Okay, it is stilllllll chilly, 27F with 10-15 mph winds out of the SSW, so running in the woods on trails was welcome, because while I was in the woods, the wind wasn’t an issue.

Except coming back,  when it was in my face for the last 3 miles – oh well just part of running outside.

Where have I been for past few days?

I took them off.

Wait a minute this wasn’t part of the plan.

Nope, but that roof shoveling on Sunday got my attention in a bad way and then when I pushed through an 8.0 mile treadmill run in the low 8’s was probably overdoing it. So I decided, with a help and advice commands from TheWife to take it easy for a couple of days.  Continue reading “Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 2-27-14”

TomTom GPS Runner Watch Review 2014

TomTom GPS Watch - Runner
TomTom GPS Watch – Runner

I have had my TomTom GPS Runner Watch for a couple of weeks now and for the most part I am impressed with how well it works  for me and does what I want from a GPS watch.

Getting a new GPS watch setup to do things the way that you want, especially a different brand takes a little while to figure out where stuff is and how to make the changes that you want.

So I have made mistakes, had to change things around, lost data and all that other stuff. In other words there was a bit of a learning curve while I was getting used to the differences between TomTom and Garmin.

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Week In Review – 2/23/14

Yesterday, I didn’t run, not because of any problems or issues, it was because I KNEW that I had to shovel the garage roof. There was 2-3 feet of heavy, wet snow on it (especially after the bad rain storm on Friday),  which meant that it had to be done.

I have been procrastinating it because I hate shoveling the roof, (I don’t bounce well anymore) and since I fell off the roof in 2007, I do not have that “it isn’t a big deal attitude, like I used to”.  So I got on the roof and shoveled for almost 3 hours – GREAT whole body workout and I was toast after it was done.

After shoveling roof 2-23-14
After shoveling roof 2-23-14

The weather is still the big story with my running, it seems it either it is cold as hell or the footing so treacherous, that you don’t want to run outside, although Saturday’s run was in great weather. Hopefully, after next week the weather will break and get back to average temps for this time of year.

I did get my new TomTom GPS watch and I am liking it a lot, so far. It has a few quirks that I am getting used to, but it does what I want and seems to be very accurate.

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12.0 Miles in the Sun Done – RunLog 2-22-14

Today was a GORGEOUS DAY!!!!!


As you can see the sun was shining, it was 50F degrees, no parka, no heavy mittens/gloves, just a wind breaker (the breeze was still chilly coming off the snow), long-sleeved tech shirt, compression shorts, running tights, my N1 Trails, ball cap and sunglasses.

It was a good day to run, unless you tried to run snowmobile trails, which is what downback has turned into since they can’t plow down there anymore, which I think is great!!! Continue reading “12.0 Miles in the Sun Done – RunLog 2-22-14”

Another Treadmill Run Day – RunLog 2-21-14

Just a bit nasty out there
Just a bit nasty out there

Today the weather was just nasty – freezing rain, (which is an automatic – no go) so it meant another treadmill run.

Not crazy about it, but it was the right thing to do for me.

Now I was also supposed to do my weekly long run and I had planned on at least 13, needless to say it didn’t happen.

I did 13.1 on the treadmill last week due to the crappy weather and I’m sorry, well not really but the prospect of  running that far on the treadmill to be honest – sucked and was in the “no way today category!”

I decided to do a faster, but shorter progression run and although I have battled a low-grade – yech most of the week – I wanted to push myself and either end up upside down against the back rail or feel a lot better after the run. Continue reading “Another Treadmill Run Day – RunLog 2-21-14”

Sunny and Nice Equals the Treadmill – RunLog 2-20-14

What do you do when it is 45F outside, with bright sunshine (gorgeous weather) —  why I ran on the treadmill of course.

Harold – are you loosing your frigging mind – a different 4-letter epitaph could well be used there – very easily?

Maybe, but not really.

After having 2-4 inches of snow each of the last couple of days and that big storm last week, today’s GREAT weather, would have resembled puddle jumping, snow bank hurdling and taking lots of quick cold showers. The local snowmobile trails were not runnable, Bennie and I tried walking them earlier and quickly found out that wasn’t a great idea.

With the heat wave going on, the side of the roads were more puddle (some places I think I could have swum faster than I could have run through them), than road and when vehicles would go by (the side walks were simply not runnable), I would have gotten a nice cold shower or perfected the snow bank hurdle or is that face plant.

So I ran on the treadmill. Continue reading “Sunny and Nice Equals the Treadmill – RunLog 2-20-14”

Quick 5.0 and Changing Paces – RunLog 2-19-14

I am getting bad at writing up my RunLog entries on the same day lately, between watching the Olympic Recaps, Celtics on late and playing around with my new TomTom GPS watch (and reading the owner’s manual – yes I read it), I didn’t write-up yesterday’s run.

Looking up the driveway 2-19-14
Looking up the driveway 2-19-14

With everything going on, yesterday, clearing the yard, walking the dog and finishing up a post that I have thought about for months – I missed the Central Maine Striders Group run for the third run in a row.

It was just a long, busy day. Continue reading “Quick 5.0 and Changing Paces – RunLog 2-19-14”

Running – PEDs and Getting Older

Is this a Performance Enhancing Drug - It changes my body's chemistry
Is this a Performance Enhancing Drug – It changes my body’s chemistry and supposedly enhances my athletic abilities?

Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s) are getting so much attention in the press, media and coffee shop conversations lately, I just have to add in my two cents, which probably is not the mainstream thinking.

Do you think you could you pass a United States Anti-Drug Agency drug test?

In other words are you clean?

Maybe you are, then again maybe not.

When you run in a local road race, how many people in that race could pass a USADA drug test?

I wonder?

Does it really matter or not, especially for recreational athletes?

How about those recreational runners who use protein powders or supplements, are they at risk for failing drug tests?

The big thing that while today I am not a big believer in better living through modern chemistry, I also realize that modern chemistry might become more important to my quality of life as I keep getting older. Continue reading “Running – PEDs and Getting Older”