Week In Review – 1/26/14

The wife thought this photo was creepy
Favorite photo of the week – The wife thought this photo was creepy

January is done, than goodness – February has been a lot more seasonable, but according to the weather forecasters it is supposed to be a lot stormier and then get back to being cold again at the end of the week.  So we will see how the weather goes.

Like Mike over at Running Around the Bend stated:

“it is really amazing the difference your body feels running when it is well below zero compared to the teens.”

I agree with his sentiment completely and know exactly what he is talking about. Running in colder temps takes a lot more out of you physically and mentally. I have noticed that I have been a LOT more tired this week after so much running in the cold. I guess that is why I have done so many treadmill runs, but at the same time, even with the cold weather I still want to get outside to run – I just like being outside so much more.

To be honest I am very happy with using RunningAHEAD as my primary running log, it might not have the social media sharing or big gee whiz bang or badges when you meet a certain mileage goals, but it does what I want. It keeps track of my mileage, shoes and provides me with ways to quickly interpret my running data. Also it is flexible enough give me different reports if I need them, other than just the stock ones.   Continue reading “Week In Review – 1/26/14”