A Character Building Long Run – RunLog 2-7-14

Sometimes shit happens and this was one of those runs where nothing seemed to go right.

I planned for a nice easy long run today, but with the sides of the roads the way they were after the storm the other day, it made things rather interesting/difficult for anything other than a slow run, it turned out a bit slower than I thought it was going to be, especially after hitting the “hill”.

RA Stats 2-7-14
RA Stats 2-7-14

It started out with my Garmin not getting satellite signal for over 10 minutes, so I got frustrated with it and decided to use my phone GPS app and the Garmin as a stopwatch. Which worked fine until I got to the end and then when I tried to stop the app, the damn thing wouldn’t shut off!

After 13+ tough miles – I wasn’t in any mood to mess around with an app about then. Then when it finally stopped it reset the app and lost all the run data – which was frustrating as hell. Continue reading “A Character Building Long Run – RunLog 2-7-14”