Nothing Special – RunLog 2-11-14

Today was the kind of run that I have needed for a while.

One that was nothing special.

  • It wasn’t all that cold – 18F with a 5-10 mph breeze that was at my back most of the run.
  • Traffic wasn’t  bad – I didn’t have any adrenaline pumping episodes of runner/car horror stories.
  • Footing was good – Roads were dry, but the shoulders were still interesting when I had to venture onto them.
  • Nothing hurt – enuff said on that – something I am not very used to
  • Locklaces did fine – I finally put LockLaces on my Pearl Izumi N1 Trails and they did exactly what I wanted.
  • I had to force myself to run slower – After the first couple of miles, I was running too fast at around an 8:30 pace without trying and I had to force myself to slow down to 9:00 plus pace. Continue reading “Nothing Special – RunLog 2-11-14”