The Running Shoe Pendulum Is Necessary

Joey with Altra Instincts 1.5
Joey with Altra Instincts 1.5

I have worked on this post for a couple of weeks now and I just want to add my two cents to this discussion.

What I have I learned about the pendulum?

I have been a running shoe geek since the late 1970’s, so I have seen many different styles, ideas and designs come and go in the running shoe industry, and tried more than a few of them.

Some of these ideas were ingenious, some were dumb, some worked for me, others did not, but it seemed there was always something new and different in the running shoe world for runners to drool about or try.

Then for about a decade (at the end of the 90’s) progress or innovation in running shoes seemed to stagnate, the swings of the pendulum were less pronounced and running shoes all seemed to look about the same and could be lumped into racing flats, traditional trainers and motion control categories, with an odd light-weight trainer or trail running shoe gaining popularity every once in a while.

We thought we were or at least we were told that we were happy with our running shoes, after all every year the running shoe magazines showed the newest and greatest running shoes.

Then “Born to Run” happened.

In my opinion and many others, this was the tipping point and when many runners began to question whether the running shoes we were running in, were the best for us or not.

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