Slush Recovery Run – RunLog 2/14/14

Okay, this morning I was behind the snowblower and shovel for more than 2 hours – I know it is just part of the deal of living in Maine, but man was I tired after manhandling the machinery and the old snow shovel. When TheWife kindly beat on my shoulders tonight, the knots were on top of the knot.

Road Conditions 2-14-14
Road Conditions 2-14-14

Also my legs were still tired from yesterday’s long run and this morning’s snow removal didn’t make them feel any better.

Although my legs were a little toasty, I still wanted to get out and just get an easy run in to get the blood moving around in there.

There was one more problem – the road conditions…while they were not really bad there was just enough slushy/snow and stuff to make it tough running.

No Toe-Off here 2-14-14
No Toe-Off here 2-14-14

All during the run, any time I tried to toe off, the road simply laughed at my efforts (even though I was wearing my N1 Trails) and did its best to see if my face or butt and the tar could suddenly meet.

Footprints in the snow 2-14-14
Footprints in the snow 2-14-14

Overall, it was one of those runs where you just put forth the effort, not worry about time and get back to the house without falling/pulling a muscle or any other injuries.

RA Stats 2-14-14
RA Stats 2-14-14

Nice recovery run.



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