Week In Review – 2/16/14

After last week’s cut-back week, I went back up into the 40 plus mileage and felt pretty good the whole week.

I took today off, the roads were pretty nasty for running (the footing was bad, the road shoulders were unsafe and drivers not realizing that speed wasn’t necessary in the slush and ice), plus my running streak had gotten up to 10 days, so it was time for a day off.

The more that I use the RunningAhead online log, the more that I like it and I am figuring out many different reports and keep tweaking the summary page a bit, as I get new ideas or want to track other information.

RA Summary 2-16-14
RA Summary 2-16-14

I am looking at getting a new GPS watch, because my Garmin FR10 is getting pretty damn unreliable and have decided on the TomTom Run GPS watch. I do not need a fancy watch with all the bells and whistles and just want a basic GPS watch that gives me time, distance and overall pace. I will go into a bigger “why” post later when I get it in, but while I like having a GPS watch, if this one doesn’t work out, I have a feeling that I will move on from the “need” for GPS and go back to a simpler way of tracking my runs – just worry about time.

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Racing Flats – Who Needs Them

Mizuno Ekidon Initial Impressions & First Run

Over the past few months I have looked at different ways to simplify my running and will be posting more on my efforts over the next few weeks.

One of the big ways I am looking is where it all starts – where the rubber meets the ground – my running shoes.

Looking back over the years that I have been a runner, one of the things that historically (at least for me) seemed to be a dividing point between recreational runners and the so-called “serious” runners, was whether a runner used racing flats or not.


Right or wrong, for a long time I believed that if you raced in and used racing flats for your speed workouts, you were more  “serious” about your running and racing.

This stereotyping began back in high school and then when I was running and training harder during the 80’s, if you showed up at a race or track workout in your trainers, friends and friendly competitors, would ask if you were  just doing a training run versus a real race/speed workout. Continue reading “Racing Flats – Who Needs Them”