Snowmobile Trail to Tiffany Run – RunLog 2-18-14

Well I got my new TomTom GPS Runner watch this afternoon, played around with it for a while and was impressed with how it looks and how easy it is to use. There are a few things I am not crazy about in my first hours, but overall it is doing everything that I want so far.

TomTom GPS Runner watch
TomTom GPS Runner watch

Now to just get it working with the RunningAhead website and I will be very happy. More on my experiences with it a little later this week. I was just a little excited to get going on the run and forgot to bring my phone, so I didn’t get photos during the run.

The Run

Today was a planned recovery 7.0 mile recovery run and I decided to run the snowmobile trails down to Tiffany and then come back up through downback. Which meant that I was running on snow-covered snowmobile trails for over 4.0 miles – which meant that the footing was pretty tough and my told me all about it after I was done – wondering what the hell we were doing this for a recovery run. Continue reading “Snowmobile Trail to Tiffany Run – RunLog 2-18-14”

Simplifying My Running Gear

After the CMS Group run, looking back into the sun
After the CMS Group run, looking back into the sun

Since the start of 2014 I have really been focusing on different ways to simplify my running.

Does this mean that I plan to go all minimalist, run barefoot, use a fig leaf for shorts, not wear a shirt, grow my  gray hair and beard out?

That brings up a picture that – well it ain’t me.

My problem is that I tend to hoard running gear.

Whether it is running shoes, clothes or geeky stuff. When I get new or start using new stuff, I do not get rid of the old stuff that was supposed to go away when I got the new stuff.

Which is a problem! Continue reading “Simplifying My Running Gear”

8.0 Mile Steady State Run – RunLog 2-17-14

I have worked on a post that has taken up most of my time the past couple of days and I got so involved with it that I forgot to do my RunLog post yesterday.

My McMillan 1/2 marathon plan called for a 60-70 minute Steady State run. Due to the temps (yes, even I am tired of single digits, with subzero wind chills), I decided to use the treadmill at Champions.  Which also allows me to control the pace I am running much more closely.

RA Stats 2-17-14

I set the speed to 7.5 mph and ran 4.0 miles, then I bumped it up to 7.6 mph and ran 4.01 more miles.

I didn’t have any problems running this distance or pace, which means that I am getting in shape and that following, well at least attempting to follow (working around weather and life), the McMillan plan, which is working for me.

This was just one of those runs you get on the treadmill, put on your headphones and do the work.

Not a bad run, but nothing special either, to be honest this is what most of my runs should be like – do the work,  meet the daily plan objectives and get ready for the next day.

Looking at Down back

How is it down back – well when Bennie and I walked it yesterday morning, it has turned into a snowmobile trail for the Steven’s Hill part


As you can see someone plowed this heavy stuff from Tiffany to Blake Roads and from what I could see, they had more than a couple of issues getting through.