Running – PEDs and Getting Older

Is this a Performance Enhancing Drug - It changes my body's chemistry
Is this a Performance Enhancing Drug – It changes my body’s chemistry and supposedly enhances my athletic abilities?

Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s) are getting so much attention in the press, media and coffee shop conversations lately, I just have to add in my two cents, which probably is not the mainstream thinking.

Do you think you could you pass a United States Anti-Drug Agency drug test?

In other words are you clean?

Maybe you are, then again maybe not.

When you run in a local road race, how many people in that race could pass a USADA drug test?

I wonder?

Does it really matter or not, especially for recreational athletes?

How about those recreational runners who use protein powders or supplements, are they at risk for failing drug tests?

The big thing that while today I am not a big believer in better living through modern chemistry, I also realize that modern chemistry might become more important to my quality of life as I keep getting older. Continue reading “Running – PEDs and Getting Older”