Sunny and Nice Equals the Treadmill – RunLog 2-20-14

What do you do when it is 45F outside, with bright sunshine (gorgeous weather) —  why I ran on the treadmill of course.

Harold – are you loosing your frigging mind – a different 4-letter epitaph could well be used there – very easily?

Maybe, but not really.

After having 2-4 inches of snow each of the last couple of days and that big storm last week, today’s GREAT weather, would have resembled puddle jumping, snow bank hurdling and taking lots of quick cold showers. The local snowmobile trails were not runnable, Bennie and I tried walking them earlier and quickly found out that wasn’t a great idea.

With the heat wave going on, the side of the roads were more puddle (some places I think I could have swum faster than I could have run through them), than road and when vehicles would go by (the side walks were simply not runnable), I would have gotten a nice cold shower or perfected the snow bank hurdle or is that face plant.

So I ran on the treadmill. Continue reading “Sunny and Nice Equals the Treadmill – RunLog 2-20-14”

Quick 5.0 and Changing Paces – RunLog 2-19-14

I am getting bad at writing up my RunLog entries on the same day lately, between watching the Olympic Recaps, Celtics on late and playing around with my new TomTom GPS watch (and reading the owner’s manual – yes I read it), I didn’t write-up yesterday’s run.

Looking up the driveway 2-19-14
Looking up the driveway 2-19-14

With everything going on, yesterday, clearing the yard, walking the dog and finishing up a post that I have thought about for months – I missed the Central Maine Striders Group run for the third run in a row.

It was just a long, busy day. Continue reading “Quick 5.0 and Changing Paces – RunLog 2-19-14”